Nine-wicket win for Karnataka

BANGALORE, DEC. 27. Karnataka's nine wicket victory over Goa in the South Zone Ranji trophy league brought no joy. The home team's chances of progressing beyond the zonal stage has faded fast and this would be the second time that Karnataka failed to move up since the inception of the Super League and now Knock-out rounds. On the penultimate day at the Chinnaswamy stadium however Goa set Karnataka a 65 run victory target and the home team sailed to victory losing the wicket of Arun Kumar.

Sunil Joshi struck with his very first delivery of the day scalping Nitin Kalekar smartly caught by Barrington Rowland at forward short leg. Avinash Avvare denied Sunil Joshi the hat- trick and swung his bat around to make 20 runs. Balakrishna Misquin remained unbeaten with 41 the duo posting 39 quick runs. Narayan Kambli down with a broken thumb preferred not to bat. That meant that the home team needed only 65 runs to achieve victory.

J. Arun Kumar began the scoring with a streaky slash for four over the head of first slip. Three more boundaries and six over deep fine leg off Avvare which grazed the fingers of Avadoot Amonkar dotted Arun's 23 ball innings of 26 runs but he perished when Avinash Avvare held on to a lofted shot off Syed Khalid. There was some doubt whether Avvare had touched the ropes while making the catch with umpire Ranade finally ruling Arun Kumar out. Shyam Ponappa and Barrington Rowland knocked off the remaining runs for victory.

The scores:

Goa - 1st innings: 80.

Karnataka - 1st innings: 214.

Goa - 2nd innings: Vivek Kolambkar c Venkatesh Prasad b Sunil Joshi 26; Sagun Kamat c Thilak Naidu b D Ganesh 18; Kiran Powar c Thilak Naidu b D Ganesh 0; Tanveer Jabbar lbw b Sunil Joshi 53; Amit Veluskar c Vijay Bharadwaj b N.C Aiyappa 20; Balakrishna Misquin (not out) 41; Avadoot Amonkar c Thilak Naidu b Venkatesh Prasad 4; Syed Khalid c Venkatesh Prasad b Sunil Joshi 6; Nitin Kalekar c Barrington Rowland b Sunil Joshi 0; Avinash Avvare c B Akhil b N.C Aiyappa 20; Narayan Kambli (did not bat); Extras (lb 8, nb 2) 10; Total 198 in 61.4 overs.

Fall of wickets: 1-22, 2-22, 3-102,4- 103,5-144,6-149, 7-159, 8-159,9-198.

Karnataka bowling: Venkatesh Prasad 18-5-41-1; D Ganesh 14-6-29-2; N.C Aiyappa 12.4-0-53-2; B. Akhil 4-2-8-0; Sunil Joshi 18-5-47-4; Vijay Bharadwaj 2-0-12-0.

Karnataka - 2nd innings: J Arun Kumar c Avinash Avvare b Syed Khalid 26; Shyam Ponappa (not out) 27; Barrington Rowland (not out) 13; Extras (lb1, Nb 1) 2; Total 68 for 1 in 11.4 overs.

Fall of wicket: 1-31.

Goa bowling: Avinash Avvare 3-0-18-0; Avadoot Amonkar 1-0-10-0; Balakrishna Misquin 4-0-21-0; Syed Khalid 2-2-0-1; Nitin Kalekar 1-0-6-0; Tanveer Jabbar 0.4-0-12-0.