NFL fixture

CHENNAI NOV. 7. Churchill Brothers (CB) will clash with Salgaocar in the opening match of the 7th National Football League on November 15 at Goa, according to a release from the AIFF.

The fixture: At Goa: Vasco SC vs. Dempo (Nov. 16); Vasco vs. Mohun Bagan (Nov. 19); Dempo vs. Salgaocar (Nov. 20); CB vs. Mohun Bagan (Nov. 22); Salgaocar vs. JCT (Nov. 23); Salgaocar vs. ITI (Dec. 2); Vasco vs. Indian Bank (Dec. 4); Salgaocar vs. Vasco (Dec. 7); Dempo vs. Mahindra United (Dec. 8); Vasco vs. Mahindra United (Dec. 11); CB vs. ITI (Dec. 16); Dempo vs. MTA (Dec. 17); Vasco vs. KEB (Dec. 19); Dempo vs. HAL (Dec. 20); CB vs. HAL (Dec. 24); Dempo vs. JCT (Dec. 27).

At Kolkata: KEB vs. MTA (Nov. 17); MTA vs. MU (Nov. 21); KEB vs. MU (Nov.24); KEB vs. JCT (Nov. 27); MB vs. JCT (Nov. 30); MB vs. KEB (Dec. 8); MTA vs. CB (Dec.9); KEB vs. CB (Dec. 12); KEB vs. Salgaocar (Dec. 15); MB vs. MTA (Dec. 26).

At Mumbai: MU vs. HAL (Nov. 17); MU vs. MB (Dec. 3); MU vs. CB (Dec. 20); MU vs. Salgaocar (Dec. 23).

At Chennai: Indian Bank vs. Dempo (Nov. 25); IB vs. CB (Nov. 30); IB vs. Salgaocar (Dec. 19); IB vs. KEB (Dec. 23); IB vs. MTA (Date not announced).

At Bangalore: ITI vs. IB (Nov. 19); HAL vs. ITI (Nov. 23); HAL vs. Vasco (Nov. 26); ITI vs. Dempo (Nov. 28); HAL vs. JCT (Dec. 4); ITI vs. JCT (Dec. 7); HAL vs. MB (Dec. 16); ITI vs. MB (Dec. 20); ITI vs. Vasco (Dec. 23); HAL vs. MTA (Date not announced).

At Ludhiana: JCT vs. IB (Dec. 11); JCT vs. MTA (Dec. 21).

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