New device to the aid of sportspersons

Former Indian cricket team’s strength and conditioning coach Ramji Srinivasan’s Sports Dynamix, in partnership with Vayu Technology, has come out with a wearable, The Equilibrium System, to help sportspersons.

The product will collect biomechanical data of sportspersons and, with its artificial intelligence-based technology, is designed to help with performance, injury management and rehabilitation.

“In India, what we are lacking is data collection. This helps in collecting data for multiple sports for various age groups and also making things affordable even for an aspiring athlete and, at the same time, standardising (data collection) depending on the sport, individuals and skills,” said Ramji Srinivasan in an event organised by SportsRuler.

The Equilibrium System is also used by the U.S. Military Special Forces and by several athletes across the EPL, NBA, NHL, NFL and U.S. Soccer to optimise performance, mitigate injuries and expedite recovery.

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