Muraleedharan triumphs

KOCHI, OCT. 11. Former National `A' player, M. B. Muraleedharan, with an all-win record, won the Karippaparambil K. C. Sebastian all-Kerala chess tournament at the Rama Varma Club here on Monday. Ernakulam's P. S. Ameer finished runner-up, while Nimmy A. George was third in the medallist section.

The final placings (medallists): 1. M. B. Muraleedharan (7 pts from 7 rounds), 2. P. S. Ameer (6), 3. Nimmy A. George (5.5), 4. Rahul Manohar (5.5), 5. E. P. Nirmal (5.5), 6. M. P. Francis (5.5).

Non-medallists: 1. K. S. Gopakumar (6.5), 2. Sudhakar Pai (6), 3. Aneesh (6).

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