Mukesh Kumar sets 10,000m meet record

MUMBAI OCT 3 : Uttar Pradesh distance runner Mukesh Kumar made the most of cooler Mumbai morning temperature to set a boys' under-20 10,000m meet record on the first day of the second Ryan Federation Cup junior athletics championships.

The 19-year-old athlete strode to victory on the bouncy Priyadarshini Park complex synthetic track, clocking 31:33.6, bettering the 32:08.80 mark set in July 2001 by UP's Suresh Kumar.

Manipur international Gojen Singh holds the national record (29:32.68). The two-day event is considered as a selection trial to shortlist India probables for the Asian Junior Track & Field championships in Bangkok from October 28-31.

The UP runner's rhythmic running helped second placed Sandeep (Madhya Pradesh) to also better the meet mark, finishing in 31:47.00. Tamil Nadu's P. Gopi clinched the bronze in 32:59.60.

K. N. Priya was the athlete to watch in the girls' event, ending the day with two firsts and one third.

The results (all finals):

Boys: 10,000m: 1. Mukesh Kumar (UP) 31:33.60 (NMR); 2. N. Sandeep (MP) 31:47.00 (NMR); 3. P. Gopi (TN) 32:59.60. 100m: 1. Surender Singh (Har) 10.90s; Alex Antony Raj (TN) 11.00s; Vishal Saxena (UP) 11.03s. 100m hurdles: Naunidh Singh (Pun) 14.72m; Sandeep Parmar (Mah) 15.30m; Manjunath.Godi (Kar) 15.31m. 500m: 1.Ghamanda Ram (Raj) 3:55.42; Sunil Kumar (Har) 3:56.45; Sunny Sharma (AP) 3:58.82. Long jump: Shiv Shankar (UP) 7.61m (NMR); Rajendra Kumar (Uttaranchal) 7.36m; K. J. Clinten (Ker) 7.34m.

Girls: 10,000m: Rupinder Kaur (UP) 38:26.39; Ashwini Dukandar (Mah) 39:54.45; Geeta (Del) 40:36.30. Triple jump: K. N. Priya (TN) 12.05m; K. Revathi (TN) 11.93m. Hammer: Suman (Har) 46.83m; Sarabjeet Kaur (Pun) 43.85m; Amandeep Kaur (Chn) 43.59m.

100m hurdles: K. N. Priya (TN) 14.45s; M. Bindushree (AP) 14.03s; Manju Paulose (Ker) 15.68s. 100m: Meera Singh (Del) 12.18s; Mandeep Kaur (Pun) 12.22s; K. N. Priya (TN) 12.32s. 1500m: Sinimol Poulose (Ker) 4:38.44; Iqbal Kaur (Pun) 4:39.96; Tejinder Kaur (Pun) 4:44.70.

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