Mishra's team in lead

ALLAHABAD, JULY 24 The newly instituted Railway Officers Club bridge tournament began here on Saturday.

At the end of the fourth round R.S. Mishra's team Allahabad comprising R.S. Mishra, O.P. Tewari, S.D. Panday, P.K. Banarji, Anisul Haque and M. Mishra was leading with 83 V.P.

The team began with a 16-14 edge in the match played against Boat House Club, Nainital and went up having registered easy wins in the next three matches played against C's team Lucknow (24-6), Rajjan's team Allahabad (20-10) and KAULS team Lucknow (23-7).

The other leading teams: V.K. Agarwal — 78 V.P., FUC Red Varanasi — 76 V.P.

Jaipuriya, Varanasi — 70 V.P., FUC Green Varanasi — 70 V.P.

Siddiqui Lucknow — 69 V.P., Sharma Lucknow — 67 V.P., Boat House Club Nainital — 63 VP, Kaul's, Lucknow — 62 VP.

Addl. DRM, Shri A.K. Singh inaugurated the tournament.

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