Martin wants Americans to get more involved

WIMBLEDON JUNE 26. Todd Martin wants his compatriots to get interested in tennis, even when it doesn't involve Americans.

Martin pointed to abysmal TV ratings during the French Open men's final between Juan Carlos Ferrero of Spain and Martin Verkerk of the Netherlands.

``It's disappointing to know that a great tournament by two players doesn't get the acclaim that it deserves,'' Martin said after his second-round victory Wednesday over Gustavo Kuerten.

He also said American clubs and parks needed to do more to promote the game.

``There are obviously shortcomings,'' he said. ``There aren't enough people that are getting attached.

SEX SYMBOL: A female reporter in the back of the press room surprised Andy Roddick with a question on Wednesday.

``You are seen as the new sex symbol of the tennis circuit,'' she said. ``Do you enjoy this status?''

Roddick stayed silent for several seconds, then offered a slow reply: ``Do you want to go to dinner later?''

The woman seemed to want a more concrete answer.

``Sorry,'' said Roddick, ``I didn't hear the question. I was just looking at you.''

She repeated the question. ``You're being seen as a sex symbol.''

``To be honest, it's humorous to me,'' he replied. ``I don't see myself as that. I don't try to do it. You know, maybe some people go for it a little bit. It's not really my thing. I don't really care. I'd rather win tennis matches.'' — AP

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