Magesh becomes GM

Chennai: IM Panchanathan Magesh Chandran of Madurai, a student at Texas University, became India's 12th Grandmaster when he tied for the first place in the $180,000 33rd World Open chess event that concluded at Philadelphia (USA) on Monday.

In the title play-off, the 22-year-old Magesh lost to GM Kamil Milton of New York. Having scored 7.5 points from nine rounds in the 204-player event, Magesh obtained his third and final GM norm. He had got his first GM norm by winning the Asian junior championship in Sri Lanka in 2003. He completed his second norm at Bar in Serbia in March this year.

In this particular tournament he posted a string of victories over strong players like Jaan Ehlvest (Estonia), Yuri Shulman (Israel) and Alexander Shabalov (USA). Magesh lost one game to Larry Christiansen (USA) and drew with Alexander Onischuk (USA) while beating the rest.

Top Indian placings: 1-2 Kamil Milton (USA), P. Magesh Chandran (Ind) 7.5/9, 3-6 Sandipan Chanda (Ind), H. Nakamura, I. Ibragimov, V. Akobian (all USA) 7 each, 7-12 S.S. Ganguly 6.5, 13-39 Gata Kamsky (USA), Abhijit Kunte, Sundararajan Kidambi, M.R. Venkatesh 6 each, 40-55 Nisha Mohota 5.5, 56-81 Saptarshi Roy Choudhury 5, 82-109 Swati Ghate 4.5, 110-114 Bhagyashree Thipsay, Anupama Gokhale 4 each.

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