‘A medal-winning squad by 2014'

BANGALORE: The Tenpin Bowling Federation of India (TBFI) has drawn up an ambitious scheme for winning medals in bowling at the 2014 Asian Games, according to Karti Chidambaram, who was re-elected president for another four-year term (2010-14) here on Friday.

Chidambaram said that TBFI planned to widen the base for the game in the country. He cited the support of the Union Government for bowling and the active work done by various State bodies including Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to unearth new talent.

During the current season, the federation would send the Indian squad to various international meets including the Malaysian Open, Sinai Open (Egypt), Singapore Open, Macau Open, ANCOL Open (Jakarata), Asian Championship and the Asian Games.

The new office-bearers: President: Karti Chidambaram; Vice-Presidents: Vijay Kalantri, Dr. Ajay Singh, Ravikanth Reddy; Secretary-General: R. Kannan; Joint Secretary: D.R. Sharma; Treasurer: Sreenivasa Rao; Executive Committee members: Nagi Reddy, Ashu Gupta, Muzafar Ahmed, Kyle Campbell .