Kremer remains on top

RAYONG (Thailand) Nov. 1. The second day of the Rally of Thailand here on Saturday was a test for both man and his machine, what with it comprising nine Special Stages broken into three equal blocks of 47.95-kms each.

And with just two service breaks in between, the situation demanded the right kind of tyre choice, considering that while the gravel terrain was quick the high heat factor saw the tyres wearing out faster than normal.

Team MRF's Tyres' Armin Kremer, driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7, retained his top slot in the Asia Pacific Championship (APRC) Group N category while Malaysian Karamjit Singh, in a souped up Proton Pert, upstaged overnight leader, Kiwi Geof Argyle, at the top in the APRC Group A and overall.

Kremer, who picked up three more bonus points for recording the fastest leg time for the second day running, was pleased with the day's outcome. Kremer is now third behind Karamjit and Argyle in the APRC overall.

The provisional results (after leg 2):

APRC Group N: Armin Kremer (co-driver Fred Berssen), Germany, Team MRF Tyres, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7, 1:32.08, 2. Fumio Nutahara (Satoshi Hayashi), Japan, Evo7, 1:32.47, 3. David Doppelreiter (Ola Floene), Austria-Norway, Team MRF Tyres, Evo7, 1:33.55.

APRC overall: 1. Karamjit Singh (Allen Oh), Malaysia, Petronas-EON, Group A, Proton Pert, 1:31.18, 2. Geof Argyle (Steve Smith), New Zealand, Group A, Evo6, 1:32.07, 3. Armin Kremer, 4. Fumio Nutahara, 5. David Doppelreiter.

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