Jaspal Rana bags silver

HYDERABAD Oct. 28 Jaspal Rana clambered up to a silver and Anjali Bhagwat slipped to second place in the men's 25 metre standard pistol and the women's 10 metre air rifle events respectively at the University of Hyderabad shooting range here on Tuesday.

An unimpressive 42 in the last of the 10-second series by Busan Games silver medallist Liu Guohui took Rana up, while Anjali's nine on the concluding shot of the final, found world champion Park Un Kyong steal a march over the Indian crackshot. Anjali had a 0.2 point lead after the eighth shot but fell behind by 1.4 in the end.

The pony-tailed Rana, sporting a monocle for his right eye and a blinder for the left, was second in the 150-second series with 193 behind China's Guohui, who totalled 195. The latter however slumped by five points in each of the subsequent rounds as Korea's Park Byung Taek boosted his tally by a point each in the second and third rounds.

Guohui's weapon malfunctioned in the last round of the competition, for which he was given five shots more. That didn't help much, since he could garner only 42, thus paving Rana's way to the silver.

In contrast to Monday's disappointing show, where Rana was unsure and unable to analyse what went wrong, his approach today was to get his basics right. As he focused on technique, things fell into place but the promising shooter said he was never satisfied with silver.

Park Un Kyong, a bronze medal winner from the Busan Games, was bare-headed and made his Hammerli pistol do the talking. Sponsored by Korea Telecom, the 37-year old marksman trains in Seoul but enters international events whenever he can.

Anjali said she was a little hesitant and tense before that crucial and concluding shot, which she took early. Unfazed by the setback, she said the medal didn't matter much, since the effort will not make its way into ISSF records. Instead she had concentrated on technique and her score, although she didn't realize that she led the field after the eighth round.

Indisposed since the morning, she said she wanted to see how far she could get. She did feel some cramping in the legs and hoped to work on her leg muscles.

The results: Men: 25 m standard pistol: 1. Park Byung Taek (Kor) 578 (191, 193, 194) 2. Jaspal Rana (Ind) 574 (193, 191, 190) 3. Liu Guohui (Chn) 570 (195, 190, 185).

Women: 10 m air rifle: 1. Park Un Kyong (Kor) 498.6 (397, 10.8, 10.2, 9.7, 10.7, 10.0, 10.0, 9.9, 9.6, 10.1, 10.6). 2. Anjali Bhagwat (Ind) 497.2 (396, 10.2, 10.0, 10.1, 10.4, 10.8, 10.1, 10.1, 10.5, 10.0, 9) 3. Sununtha Kuntapong (Tha) 497 (395, 10.3, 9.9, 9.7, 9.9, 10.6, 9.8, 10.8, 10.2, 10.2, 10.4).

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