It's Queen Of Fashion vs Here Comes The Sun

BANGALORE, JULY 25. Queen Of Fashion and Here Comes The Sun may fight out the finish of the Bangalore Summer Million (1,600m), the main event of this afternoon's meeting.

False rails (width about 4m from 1,600m to the winning post) will be in position.

1 2-00 Cape Dance Plate (D. II)

1,200m, Md. 3/y/o only (Terms)

10*3Smart N Noble (Ganapathy) B. Prakash3 56.0
2Baghzad (S. Narredu) Koch7 56.0
3Esperante (Byramji) Badel5 54.5
4Winning Bet (Byramji) Harish1 54.5
53*24Gastronomique (Darashah) Gnaneshwar4 54.5
6Bellona (Darius) M. Narredu8 54.5
7*00Tough Love (Lokanath) J. Shukla6 54.5
8*00Maha Rani (Pradeep) Prithviraj2 54.5

SMART N NOBLE: Has come to hand after his third to Pamela Bordes (1,400m). ESPERANTE: Looks fit and well. GASTRONOMIQUE: On the board in both her starts; tracking well. BELLONA: First run; sharpened up well.

1. Smart N Noble, 2. Gastronomique, 3. Esperante

2 2-30 Batu Gantong Plate

1,400m, rated 00 to 15, 4 & 5/y/o

1*320Ondhu Ondhu Ondhu (Valavi) G. Moses2 62.0
20*03Grey Eagle (Ganapathy) B. Prakash11 61.5
3*102Just Perfect (S. Narredu) Suraj Narredu9 61.5
40*0Shakalaka (Mahesh) R. Rajesh6 61.0
5*000Red Fort (Dominic) ShobanBabu10 59.5
60*40Flirt With Speed (Nityanand) T. Rahul8 59.0
7*000Torrentee (Santosh) Warren5 57.5
80*03Bay Island (Samar) S. Rajesh4 56.5
900*0Silver Coral (Komandur) Vivek7 56.5
100*04Nakshatra (Puttanna) Krishnan1 52.5
1104*0Chabilis (Ponnappa) Chandrashekar3 51.0

GREY EAGLE: As a favourite finished third to Mauritius Star over 1,200m last week; deserves another chance. JUST PERFECT: Warming up in the last 250m finished 3/4 length second to Permia over 1,200m; in fine condition. BAY ISLAND: A fair third to Kinrara over 1,400m; in fine shape. NAKSHATRA: A good fourth to Eternal Prince over 1,600m; working well.

1. Grey Eagle, 2. Just Perfect, 3. Bay Island

3 3-00 Cape Dance Plate (D. I)

1,200m, Md. 3/y/o only (Terms)

1Alcindor (Byramji) Badel7 56.0
20*04Bravo Bedford (Darashah) Gnaneshwar1 56.0
3Allectus (Darius) M. Narredu5 56.0
43*33Synopsis (Nityanand) Appu6 56.0
53*03King Is Born (Ganapathy) Gallagher8 56.0
6*340Sporty (Inayathulla) Faisal2 54.5
7*430Ikon Brown (S. Narredu) Suraj Narredu3 54.5
8*330Show N Tell (Ponnappa) S. Rajesh4 54.5

ALLECTUS: First run; track movements impressive. SYNOPSIS: A close third to Thursday Nite over 1,200m; in fine nick; now running with cross nose band on. KING IS BORN: Has come on since his third to Anaroma (1,400m). SHOW N TELL: After finishing third twice did not reach the frame in Thursday Nite's race; she is well within herself.

1. Synopsis, 2. Show N Tell, 3. Allectus

4 3-30 Basque Plate

1,100m, rated 10 to 25

102*4Zimmermann (S.K.H. Khan) Appu 10 60.5
23*00Courageous Duke (Ganapathy) Gallagher9 55.0
3*002Track Fantasy (Inayathulla) Mark6 55.0
403*4Alagi (Dominic) Shoban Babu1 53.5
5042Green Park (Puttanna) Nagesh2 53.5
63*00Touch Of Realism (Nityanand) Vivek7 53.5
700*0Bold Expectation (Karan) Md. Yasin3 52.5
804*0Summerland (Karan) Afsar5 52.5
904*0Tribal Lady (Karan) Narasimha4 52.5
10*040Kriskav (Inayathulla) Rajesh Babu8 51.0

ZIMMERMANN: Comes into the reckoning on his fourth to Charleston (1,200m). COURAGEOUS DUKE: Has improved after his two race gallops. TRACK FANTASY: After leading in the straight finished second to Saoirse over 1,200m last week; warrants another chance. ALAGI: A faraway fourth to Romantic Count over 1,100m; may upset.

1. Track Fantasy, 2. Alagi, 3. Courageous Duke

5 4-00 Bangalore Summer Million

1,600m, 3/y/o (Terms)

1*000Flightingale (I. Ghatala) Mrs. Silva 3 57.0
20*41Southern Regent (Ganapathy) Gallagher6 56.5
32*04Vishnupriya (S. Singh) R. Marshall9 55.5
41*10Queen Of Fashion (Ganapathy) B. Prakash1 55.0
5*100Mount Royale (Kuts) Srinath2 53.5
6*000Stilton (S. Narredu) Appu5 53.5
7*100Sibelius (Padmanabhan) M. Narredu7 53.5
813*2Here Comes The Sun (Rafaat)
Suraj Narredu8 53.5
9*1Adesina (Darius) C. Alford4 52.0

SOUTHERN REGENT: A comfortable winner of his last start over 2,000m; maintains form. QUEEN OF FASHION: A failed favourite in Lindsay's Fillies Trial Stakes (1,600m); may make amends. HERE COMES THE SUN: Carrying 61.5 kg finished a game second to Supreme General over 1,400m; moving impressively in the morning trials. ADESINA: Came out of the maiden ranks in a resolute manner over 1,400 m on her debut; in the fine fettle.

1. Queen Of Fashion, 2. Here Comes The Sun, 3. Adesina

6 4-30 Allied Forces Plate

1,200m, rated 10 to 25, 4 & 5/y/o

14*30Onetouch Toomuch (Ponnappa)
Chandrasekhar3 61.5
2*040Arthi (Valavi) Ashwin Rao4 60.5
30*03Fantasy Strip (Mahesh) Rajesh Babu8 60.5
4*200Silver Cat (Dominic) Mahendran1 60.0
5 *001Madam Marina (S. Singh) S. Ramesh6 59.0
60*22Universal Prince (Ganapathy) B. Prakash5 56.5
7*000Hunter Jones (Pradeep) Afsar9 55.0
84*00Imperial Fire (Darashah) A. Velu2 54.5
9*304Driven (Dominic) Appu12 52.5
10*020Tunisia (I. Ghatala) Mrs. Silva11 52.5
11*003Diamond Cut (Inayathulla) Prithviraj10 52.0
12*024Don'tforgetmaumann (Kuts) Vijay Kumar7 50.5

FANTASY STRIP: A good third to Santarelle over 1,200m in her last start; in good nick. UNIVERSAL PRINCE: As an oddson favourite ran Pink Cameo (second win) to 1-3/4 lengths over 1,400m last week; the present trip may suit him better. TUNISIA: A forward runner in Pink Cameo's second win; may trouble the best. DIAMOND CUT: A notable third to True To Reason over 1,200m; well tuned.

1. Universal Prince, 2. Fantasy Strip, 3. Diamond Cut

7 5-00 Lt. Col. Gaunt Memorial Cup (D. I)

1,200m, rated 20 to 35

124*1Pricelessly (Ganapathy) B. Prakash2 61.0
2*310Water Wood (S. Narredu) Shahbuddin3 57.0
33*20Corsican Gal (Dhariwal) Shroff6 56.5
422*1Diffidence (Zadmal) Srinath5 55.0
50*00Happy Times (Byramji) Mark8 55.0
62*10Laguna Blue (Inayathulla) Faisal7 54.5
700*0Almara (Vijay) R. Marshall9 54.0
8*220Dasanandini (Ponnappa) S. Rajesh4 54.0
9*10Cameo Role (S. Singh) S. Ramesh1 53.5

PRICELESSLY: Carried 62 kg to a fluent win over 1,200m in the lower class; may defy the penalty. CORSICAN GAL: Her nowhere in Star Angel's 1,400m is best ignored. DIFFIDENCE: Won a 1,200m easily; retains form. HAPPY TIMES: Unplaced in both the starts; working attractively.

1. Pricelessly, 2. Corsican Gal, 3. Diffidence

8 5-30 Usha Stud Plate

1,400m, rated 30 to 45

1*012Conqueress (Dhariwal) Mark10 62.0
2*044Fiorenzza (I. Ghatala) Mrs. Silva8 58.5
32*03Highness (I. A. Sait) Srinath2 55.5
40*00Ciraja (Samar) Amarpreet5 55.0
5*000Crow Wood (Darashah) Md. Shafiq3 54.0
62*00Jumping For Joy (Byramji) Badel7 54.0
7*100South Sea (A. Mangalorkar) Suraj Narredu1 52.5
810*2Capannelle (Ponnappa) Appu6 52.0
910*3Reminiscent (Vijay) Harish9 49.0
101*22Only For Gold (Ganapathy) I. Chisty4 48.5

HIGHNESS: Third to Starcent (second win) over 1,400m; shaping well in the morning try-outs. JUMPING FOR JOY: Looks very fit after her two runs. CAPANNELLE: A faraway second to Stage Craft (second win) over 1,400m; in fine trim. ONLY FOR GOLD: Second to Alaskan over 1,200m in the lower class; well placed on weights.

1. Only For Gold, 2. Capannelle, 3. Highness

9 6-00 Lt. Col. Gaunt Memorial Cup (D. II)

1,200m, rated 20 to 35

1*000Ministrel Heights (Ganapathy) B. Prakash8 59.0
2*403Laughing Wild (S. Narredu) Rajesh Babu9 56.5
310*4Al Qamar (Byramji) Badel7 54.5
4*130Spring Fest (Ponnappa) Appu4 54.0
5*030Amazing Ability (Ponnappa) Chandrasekar2 53.5
6*100Amazing Warrior (Samar) S. Rajesh1 53.0
73*14Black Berry (Eshwer) Srinath3 53.0
8*002Samyuktaa (I. Ghatala) Mrs. Silva10 52.5
9*000Caitraratha (Pradeep) Afsar6 52.0
10*231Power Of Dreams (S. Singh) Harish5 51.0

MINISTREL HEIGHTS: Fit for the fray. AL QAMAR: Fourth to Havana Goodtime over 1,400m; might have needed that run. SPRING FEST: Runs with an upsetting chance. BLACK BERRY: Well in at the weights

1. Al Qamar, 2. Ministrel Heights, 3. Spring Fest

Day's best: Al Qamar

Double: Smart N Noble — Pricelessly

Jkt: 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9; Mini Jkt (i): 2, 4, 6 & 8; (ii): 3, 5, 7 & 9; Tr: (i): 4, 5 & 6, (ii): 7, 8 & 9; Exacta: 6, 8 & 9.

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