Ippodamia shines

MUMBAI, March 29. Ippodamia shone when the horses were exercised here this morning.

Training track

600m: Sharpman (S. Nayak), Magical Beauty (Bhagwan) 41. They ended level. Texas King (Srinath) 39.5. Easy. City Pride (Bajrang) 40. Moved freely. Firey Future (Belose), Consortium (P.S. Deora) 37.5. They moved level freely. Litolier Glamour (Belose), Grand Finale (P.S. Deora) 38. They were urged and finished level.

800m: Track Cruiser (S. Chinoy), Briar Rose (Daniel) 53, 600/40.5. Both were pushed and former ended two lengths in front. Heart Of Danger (Shelar) 52.5, 600/39. Moved well. Angara (Abhishek) 59, 600/43. Easy. Royal Gladiator (M. Narredu) 50, 600/37.5. Moved well. Arrow Burn (Zameer Sayyed), Acacia Blossom (rb) 53, 600/40. Former was pushed and finished four lengths ahead, while the latter was not urged. No Robbery (Late Passing Show) (rb) 57.5, 600/43.5. Easy. Secret Desire (Bajrang) 57, 600/43. Easy. Kintyre (M. Narredu), Tafeta (Daniel) 50.5, 600/37.5. Former ended six lengths in front. Latter was pushed. Star Of Attention (S. Sameer) 57, 600/41.5. Easy. Crisscross (Dilip) 53, 600/39.5. Urged. Mariazella (Sandeep) 53, 600/40.5. Pressed. Jayashree (P.S. Chouhan) 54, 600/41. Pushed.

1000m: Sonalika (Kharadi) 1-6, 800/52.5, 600/39.5. Urged in the last part. Dreams To Reality (Gallagher), Chalice (Kharadi) 1-8, 800/53, 600/39.5. Former finished five lengths ahead. Pleasure Hunt (Dilip), Top Mover (S.N. Chavan) 1-8, 800/52, 600/38. Former was well in hand and finished a distance ahead. Revenger (A. Merchant), Alustar (Rupesh) 1-5, 800/51, 600/39. Both were pushed and former finished four lengths ahead.

1200m: Dras (Sandeep) 1-24.5, 1000/1-11, 600/43. Stretched. Ippodamia (Aslam Kader), High Handed (Harish) 1-20, 800/52.5, 600/40. Former started two lengths behind and finished level with plenty in hand. Latter was urged.

Gate practice _ training track

1000m: Keytothevaults (Bhagwan), Lake District (J.K. Irani), a chestnut colt (Razeen-Silver Chimes) (I. Pasha) and Aesculapius (E. Philips) 1-9, 800/55.5, 600/44. Keytothevaults ended four lengths in front. Imperial Thriller (S.K. Jadhav), Dancing Gold (Zameer Sayyed) and Ravissant (I. Shaikh) 1-7.5, 600/41. They jumped out well and Imperial Thriller was two lengths better. Wonderstar (Shelar), Priyanka (Walkar) 1-8, 800/54.5, 600/43. Former finished four lengths ahead. Mesculin (W. Pillay), Bahuli (T.S. Jodha) 1-14, 600/43. They were pushed and finished level.

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