Inzamam is an underachiever, says Sohail

BANGALORE, MARCH 24. Fiery shots and a bristling temper defined Aamir Sohail's playing days. The former Pakistan skipper and opener is a mellowed man these days. A stint as a chairman of selectors in the Pakistan Cricket Board and a current foray into broadcasting has lent him a touch of patience.

However, talk about the Pakistan team evokes a strong reply. "There has been too much of chopping and changing and everybody is playing for their place and not for the team. The players, especially the openers, should be given a year's time to settle down. On this tour there have been individual performances but they need to perform as a team," Sohail said.

Sohail was effusive in his praise for Inzamam but he said he has failing to cash in on his talent.

"Inzy has been a great servant of Pakistan cricket but he is an underachiever. I would point that out to a lack of hunger, the kind you see with a Sachin Tendulkar or a Rahul Dravid. Inzamam could have easily scored another 3000 runs with the talent he has," Sohail said.

Akhtar a team man

Sohail also stressed the need to handle Shoaib Akhtar well. "Shoaib will listen if you tell him politely but if you show authority or anger he will react. When I was the captain, he bowled in South Africa when his knee was not well. He is a great team man," Sohail said.

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