India holds sway

NEW DELHI, AUG 1. The Indian men's and women's teams clinched the title in the eighth SAARC carrom championship, being sponsored by Tivoli Gardens at its resort in Mehrauli.

The India `A' team of R. M. Shankara, D. Kubendra Babu and Dilesh Khedekar scored a 3-0 victory over India `B' in the men's final.

In the women's section, the India `A' team topped the round-robin league with five points while the India `B' and Sri Lanka teams took the silver and bronze respectively.

The results:

Men (final): India `A' beat India `B' 3-0 (R. M. Shankara bt M. Nataraj 25-11, 25-7; D. Kubendra Babu bt Maria Irudayam 25-5, 8-25, 25-20; Dilesh Khedekar bt Sandeep Deorukhkar 25-23, 25-0).

Third place: Bangladesh beat Maldives 2-1 (Mohammad Ali bt Hussain 22-16, 13-12; K. G. Humayun Kabir bt Hussain Ali 25-5, 25-0; Hafizen Rehman lost to Ali Niyaz 9-23, 25-4, 22-24); Semifinals: India `A' beat Bangladesh 3-0 (D. Kubendra Babu bt Mohammed Ali 25-17, 25-7; Sandeep Deorukhkar bt Hafizar Rahman 25-0, 25-7; R. M. Shankara bt K. G. Humayun Kabir 25-9, 25-1).

India `B' beat Maldives 3-0 (M. Nataraj bt Hussain 25-2, 25-0; Maria Irudayam bt Neesham 25-10, 25-16; Sandeep Deorukhkar bt Niyaz 25-8, 25-9).

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