HCA selection panels formed

Hyderabad Cricket Association Secretary T. Seshnarayan informed that the ad hoc selection committees were formed for different categories after a meeting with the Players Association Steering Committee members and former Test players Mohd Azharuddin,V.V.S. Laxman, women’s cricketers representatives Vidya Yadav and Rajini Venugopal here.

“This is a follow-up of the meeting held on September 10 between the members of the Apex Council and members of the Steering Committee of Players Association to select ad hoc panels for both men and women and along with the coaching staff. These committees will continue to function till the formation of the Cricket Players Association of Hyderabad,” the Secretary said in a statement on Tuesday.

The selection committees: Seniors: Noel David (chairman), Vijay Mohan Raj, Noshir Mehta, Vivek Jaisimha and Arvind Shetty. Juniors: Vanka Pratap (chairman), Abdul Azeem, Jyothi Prasad, Ramana Murthy and Ethesham Ali Khan.

Coaching staff: Senior State team: N. Arjun Yadav (head coach), N.P. Singh (bowling coach) and Dilip (fielding coach). Under-23: Zakir Hussain (head coach), M. Srinivas (assistant coach). Under-19: Anirudh Singh (head coach), Alfred Absolem (assistant coach). Under-16: Kiran Kumar (head coach).

Women selection committee: Manjula Kishor (chairperson), Sree Rekha, Kusamlata, C. Malathy and Rekha Patel. Coaching staff: Suvarna Laxmi and Saviha.