Hart excited at playing in India

VISAKHAPATNAM SEPT. 26. It is a big tour for Robert Garry Hart, the younger brother of the former Kiwi left-arm spinner Matthew.

The 28-year-old has been picked as the main wicket-keeper on this tour and he said he is all excited about the prospects of taking on a side that has a proud record at home.

Speaking to the press during the course of the opening day of the tour-opener, Hart said the highlights of his seven-match Test career were the win in the West Indies as well as the victory over India at home last December.

He said every facet of the game in India is a challenge.

"Obviously the pitches here are different from those in New Zealand. I think a good cricket side has to play on any wicket. We just have to work on whatever is presented to us".

Asked if the Kiwis were under-achievers at the world stage, he said, "all teams are under-achievers at some point or the other. We have earned the right to be the number three Test side. We have done some good things, and we have some more good things to come".

Asked about his approach to cricket as a whole, he said, "the basic aim is that when I keep I focus on keeping and when I bat, I focus on my batting alone. It is thus important that training times are split judiciously so that you are good at both. You cannot be an average wicketkeeper and not bat and vice-versa".

He said that it was frustrating to lose a day's play to rain. "It is part of the game. But there is nothing like these six days of match practice before the Tests".

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