Ganguly guides Bengal home

Vijay Lokapally

Baroda gets the better of a fighting Jharkhand

KANPUR: Sourav Ganguly's towering presence dictated the course of the match as Bengal defeated Punjab by four wickets to enter the semifinals of the all-India inter-state one-day cricket tournament here on Thursday.

In the other quarterfinal match at the Ordnance Equipment Factory, Baroda eliminated a fighting Jharkhand by 35 runs.

This may not be the most valued innings for Ganguly but he produced a priceless effort for his team compiling an unbeaten 89 (104 balls, 11x4) that forced the Punjab attack into submission. Electing to field, Bengal did well to restrict Punjab to 229 and then relied on the rich experience of Ganguly, to finish the job after watching the young brigade perish around him under pressure.

Skipper Dinesh Mongia was the strength of Punjab's innings. His 76 (84 balls, 7x4) was crafted professionally even as Pankaj Dharmani and Sarabjeet Singh chipped in usefully in the middle overs.

If Punjab was rocked it was mainly due to the intensity of Sanjib Sanyal's seam bowling as he picked up four wickets to swing the contest his team's way. The scores:

Punjab: R. Ricky b Sanyal 23, U. Kaul c Shukla b Bose 23, D. Mongia c Paul b Sanyal 76, R.S. Sodhi b Sanyal 0, P. Dharmani c Lahiri b Tiwari 32, Sarabjeet Singh c Paul b Bose 35, I. Malhotra b Sanyal 2, A. Uniyal c Gavaskar b Bose 7, V.R.V. Singh (not out) 4, G. Singh b Bose 10, R. Sharma b Bose 0, Extras 17 (lb-2, nb-3, w-12), Total (all out in 49.3 overs) 229.

Fall of wickets: 1-32, 2-81, 3-81, 4-145, 5-178, 6-186, 7-213, 8-215, 9-229.

Bengal bowling: Paul 9-0-44-0, Bose 8.3-0-34-5, Sanyal 10-1-45-4, Shukla 4-0-21-0, Ganguly 7-0-30-0, Lahiri 8-0-35-0, Tiwari 3-0-18-1.

Bengal: S. Das lbw b Sharma 60, S. Ganguly (not out) 89, A. Jhunjhunwala b V.R.V. Singh 8, D. Dasgupta b V.R.V. Singh 0, R. Gavaskar lbw b Sharma 21, M. Tiwari c Mongia b V.R.V. Singh 4, L.R. Shukla b V.R.V. Singh 0, S. Sanyal (not out) 11, Extras 37 (b-4, lb-3, nb-5, w-25), Total (for six wkts in 38.5 overs) 230.

Fall of wickets: 1-95, 2-126, 3-126, 4-199, 5-206, 6-207.

Punjab bowling: V.R.V. Singh 10-0-57-4, G. Singh 10-1-54-0, A. Uniyal 2-0-17-0, R. S. Sodhi 2-0-8-0, I. Malhotra 2-0-14-0, R. Sharma 10-0-57-2, B. Sharma 2.5-0-16-0.

Baroda: C. Williams lbw b Diwakar 10, R. Parab lbw b Nadeem 59, P. Shah c Rajiv Kumar b Diwakar 5, M. Jacob c M. Kumar b Nadeem 21, D. Salvi c M. S. T. Bai b Nadeem 7, Y. Pathan c S. P. Gautam b S. Gupta 22, A. Bhoite c Gautam b Diwakar 29, Zaheer Khan c Bai b Gupta 5, V. Parmar (not out) 23, S. Vora (not out) 16, Extras (lb-4, nb-7, w-5) 16, Total (for eight wkts in 50 overs) 213.

Fall of wickets: 1-21, 2-40, 3-104, 4-115, 5-126, 6-151, 7-161, 8-180.

Jharkhand bowling: Diwakar 10-0-39-3, Rai 9-1-58-0, S.S. Rao 6-0-35-0, Nadeem 10-1-17-3, S. Khan 10-0-39-0, S. Gupta 4-0-14-2, Ratan Kumar 1-0-7-0.

Jharkhand: M.S.T. Bai c Parab b Parmar 22, Ratan Kumar (run out) 36, S.P. Gautam c Shah b Pathan 18, Rajiv Kumar c Parmar b Pathan 0, C.M. Jha c Jacob b Pathan 0, M. Kumar c Pathan b Panchal 45, S. Nadeem c Jacob b Bhoite 19, A. Raj st Shah b Pathan 15, M. Diwakar c Jacob b Panchal 4, S. Gupta c Jacob b Panchal 4, S. Khan (not out) 2, Extras (lb-6, w-7) 13, Total (all out in 43.3 overs) 178.

Fall of wickets: 1-53, 2-70, 3-70, 4-70, 5-97, 6-131, 7-158, 8-165, 9-173.

Baroda bowling: Zaheer 7-1-26-0, I. Pathan 2-0-11-0, Vora 8-2-28-0, Parmar 9-0-33-1, Y. Pathan 10-1-37-4, Bhoite 3-0-20-1, Panchal 4.3-0-17-3.