Ganguly discharged

KOLKATA OCT. 26. Indian captain Sourav Ganguly was discharged from hospital after the doctors confirmed of "eliminating the infection'' in the wound in his left upper thigh, at a prominent city nursing home here on Sunday.

The Indian captain walked in to address a news conference before leaving for home after a stay of eight days in the Belle Vue Clinic, where he underwent a minor surgery and was subsequently treated of a bacterial infection that aggravated the wound. Ganguly said that he was feeling "a lot relieved'' and added that his cure was precipitated by an "amazing degree of care and professionalism'' showed by the doctors attending him.

The captain said that the six-member medical board monitoring his treatment and rehabilitation, has ruled him out of action till November 1. He followed that up by saying that his return to cricketing action "could be in any match after the date set by the doctors.'' "I do not think I am physically weak but will have to wait till the stitches on the wound are removed,'' he said when asked about his possible date of return.

Briefing on the condition of the captain, the head of the medical board, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, said the decision to discharge Ganguly was taken up as the "infection in the wound has been eliminated.'' He said that the wound is healing up fast and it requires a couple of more dressings while the stitches (numbering seven) are removed in a phased manner. The doctor specified that going by the present pace of improvement, the captain's rehabilitation programme would start from Thursday — the day when the first round of stitches is scheduled to be removed.

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