Formidables triumphs

KARACHI, MARCH 24. India's Formidables won the eighth Balijee bridge festival by accumulating 154 Victory Points in the competition participated by 33 teams, including six from India.

Formidables, comprising K.R. Venkatraman, Subhash Gupta, Raju Tolani, Kiran Nadar, B. Satyanaryan and Sunit Choksi, maintained its supremacy throughout the competition and outplayed Punters in the last match by a maximum 25-4.

Formidables pocketed a purse of Rs. 1,40,000 and the glittering trophy. On Tuesday, Venkatraman and Gupte pair had won the pairs' event.

Delhi Bridge Association with H. Verma, R.K. Gupta, Dr. R.L. Singh, S.N. Mathur and M.S. Sharma, finished fifth with 141VPs. — PTI

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