Flying Scotsman shines

BANGALORE, DEC. 30. Flying Scotsman, Go Honey Go, Different Ballgame and Karazzano shone when the horses were exercised here on Saturday morning.

Inner sand

800m: Luca Brassi (rb) 54.5, 600/42.5. Pleased.

1200m: Dancing Phantom (B. Prakash), Noble Ministrel (V. Patel) 1-23, 1,000/1-10, 800/54.5, 600/42. Former showed out.

1400m: Bold Bird (rb), Royal Heights (V. Patel) 1-44, (1,400 to 600) 57. Former finished six lengths in front.

Outer sand

600m: St. Lucinda (Shukla), Sweet Victory (rb) (1,200 to 600) 41. Dover (rb) (1,200 to 600) 44.

800m: Hope And Faith (rb), Nairn (Appu) 58.5, 600/44.5. They impressed. Mum's The Word (rb) 59, 600/45. Moved well. Altosax (Shareef) 1-0, 600/45. Moved on the bit. Glencruitten (Nagesh) 1-0. Easy. Nice And Noble (A. Imran Khan) 1-0. Moved freely. God's Gift (A. Imran Khan), Star View (rb) 1- 0. They moved together. Pristine Beauty (A. Imran Khan) 59.5, 600/45. In fine trim. Street Smart (Shakti) 59.5. Shaped well. Be My Star (L. Marshall) 59. Note. Sinatra (K. Vijay), Fingers Crossed (L. Marshall) 59.5. Former better. Flying Scotsman (L.Marshall) 56, 600/44. In fine nick. Falconet (Harish), Cool Jaaz (Shoban) 1-0. They moved freely. Original Sin (Shroff), Zaran (R. Marshall) 59.5. Former moved fluently. Royal Contender (rb) 1-0. Easy. Different Ballgame (R. Marshall), Bernstein (Shroff) 57, 600/44.5. Former showed out. Forest Rose (Shoban) 59. Strode out well. Winning Charm (Appu) 1-0. Easy. Amazon Gold (rb) 59.5, 600/45. Moved on the bit.

1000m: Karazzano (Shroff), Convicted (R. Marshall) 1- 15, 800/59. Former pleased. Portman Square (Shroff), Polar Charge (R. Marshall) 1-15, 800/59.5. They pleased, former finished two lengths in front. Accede (B. Prakash), Smart Charmer (V. Patel) 1-15, 800/59. Former moved impressively and finished a length in front. Go Honey Go (Appu) 1-13, 800/57, 600/44.5. Moved attractively. Rizer (rb), Might (Nagesh) 1-14.5, 800/57.5, 600/44.5. A notable pair. Native Red (rb), Old Meldrum (rb) 1-15, 800/59.5. Former finished a length in front.

1400m: Appleby (R. Marshall), Shining Knight (Shakti) 1-43.5, 1,200/1-28.5, 1,000/1-13.5, 800/59. They worked well.

1600m: Astrid (Harish), Sunspangled (Shoban) 1-59.5, 1,400/1-44.5, 1,200/1-29.5, 1,000/1-13.5, 800/1-0. Former moved fluently, while the latter was extended and finished level. Alameda (Shroff) 1-58.5, 1,400/1-44, 1,200/1-30, (1,600 to 600) 1-11. Moved freely.

Harish, Zia suspended

Two jockeys were suspended for careless riding during the week-end's Bangalor races.

Harish, rider of Extreme Contact in the Shantiniketan Cup on Saturday, was suspended by the Stewards from January 8 to 12 (both days inclusive) for careless riding.

Zia Akthar, rider of Ace Beret in the R. Subbanna Memorial Plate on Friday, was suspended by the Stewards from Jan. 8 to 12 (both days inclusive) for careless riding.

In the Kakanakote Plate on Saturday, M. Ravi, rider of Fantastic Fortune was fined Rs.1,000 for causing interference to Momentous Joy (Rajesh Singh), while the rider of Momentous Joy in turn was fined Rs.1,000 for causing interference to Great Brother (P.Laxman).

In the same race, Surjeet Singh, rider of Win Ameen, was fined Rs.2,000 for not persevering with his mount and on the same count, S. Kumar, rider of Coral Bird was fined Rs.1,000.

R. Marshall, rider of Odeon in the Horanadu Plate, was fined Rs.1,000 for causing interference to Goebbels (Md Thameem. A. Imran Khan rider of Anzac was fined Rs.1,000 for not maintaining a straight course.

Appu, rider of Symphony of Fire in the Shantiniketan Cup, was fined Rs.1,000 for causing interference to Extreme Contact (Harish).

Ms Silva, rider of Silvano in the T. Dougall Memorial Plate, was fined Rs.3,000 for causing interference to Kyosoba (Rajesh).

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