Domestic calendar for 2004-05

MUMBAI, JULY 24. The Irani Trophy at Mohali (October 22 to 26) will herald the commencement of the senior tournament programme, as per the domestic calendar for 2004-05 finalised by the BCCI Tour, Programme and Fixtures Committee.

The fixtures:

Irani Trophy at Mohali (Oct. 22-26); Ranji Trophy Elite Groups A & B first round (Nov. 7-10 onwards); Zonal one-day tournament (Jan. 9-18, 2005); Deodhar Trophy in West Zone (Jan. 23-Feb. 6); Inter-State all-India one-day knockout in West Zone (Feb. 13-19); Duleep Trophy first round in Central Zone (Feb. 23-26 onwards) and final (March 15-19); Ranji Trophy Elite and Plate semifinals (March 24-28); Ranji Trophy Elite/Plate finals (April 5-9).

Challenger Trophy dates for the N.K.P. Salve Trophy, scheduled in West Zone, will be announced later.

Duleep Trophy: Group I: North, West, South; Group II: East, Visiting team and Central. North vs West, East vs Visitors (Feb. 23-26); West vs South; Visitors vs Central (Feb. 2-5), North vs South, East vs Central (Feb. 8-11). Final (March 15-19).

Deodhar Trophy: South vs Central; East vs West (Jan. 23); North vs East, South vs West (Jan. 26); Central vs North, South vs East (Jan. 30); Central vs East, North vs West (Feb. 2); South vs North, Central vs West (Feb. 6).

Ranji Trophy: Elite Group A: Mumbai, Railways, Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh; Group B: Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Baroda, Maharashtra and Punjab. Plate: Group A: Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Saurashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar; Group B: Haryana, Tripura, Goa, Services, Vidarbha and Rajasthan. — Our Special Correspondent

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