Deshmukh, Konguvel suffer defeats

Gurpreet Pal Singh makes a move during his upset win over IM P. Konguvel in the fourth round of the Piloo Modi Open chess tournament in Lucknow on Sunday.

Gurpreet Pal Singh makes a move during his upset win over IM P. Konguvel in the fourth round of the Piloo Modi Open chess tournament in Lucknow on Sunday.  

LUCKNOW SEPT. 21. After three days and four rounds, former British champion R.B. Ramesh is the only player to perform in keeping with his reputation in the Pilloo Mody chess tournament at the Moti Mahal hall here. The newly-married International Master maintained his all-win record and now finds himself in the company of four surprise leaders who have advanced at the expense of better known players.

Ramesh needed well over three hours and 52 moves to get the better of Valay Parikh on the top board. However, fellow IMs Anup Deshmukh, P. Konguvel along with R. R. Laxman could not keep pace with Ramesh and crashed to defeats. Another IM Sudhakar Babu also set the same fate after losing a minor piece early in his match against Jharkhand's Diwakar Prasad Singh.

Abhijit Gupta, the youngster to watch, managed to tackle the time-pressure in sudden-death and escaped with a draw against the experienced R. Balasubramanium.

Yogesh Gore played cleverly against Deshmukh and tamed the Nagpur-based IM with a series of combinations. Gurpreet Pal Singh, who finished ahead of many seasoned names including Commonwealth champion Dibyendu Barua in the British Championship last month, overpowered Konguvel with ease in 37 moves of Sicilian Defence. R. R. Laxman surrendered to former champion Vivek Shukla while Balaji stopped Amardeep S. Bartakke.

In the morning, Bartakke had outwitted fifth seed Prathamesh Mokal in the biggest surprise result of the third round.

The results:

Fourth found: Valay Parikh (3) lost to R. B. Ramesh (4); Anup Deshmukh (3) lost to Yogesh Gore (4); R. R. Laxman (3) lost to Vivek Shukla (4); Gurpreet Pal Singh (4) bt P. Konguvel (3); Abhijit Gupta (3.5) drew with R. Balasubramanium (3.5); G. Balaji (4) bt Amardeep S. Bartakke (3); N. Sudhakar Babu (2.5) lost to Diwakar Prasad Singh (3.5); Neeraj Mishra (3) drew with S. K. Rathore (3); Rishi Pal Singh (3) drew with R. Preetham Sharma (3); Varugeese Koshy (3.5) bt Kanti Lal Dave (2.5); Pradip Ghosh (3) drew with Poobesh Anand (3); Nisha Mohota (3) drew with D. Ravishankar (3); P. D. S. Girinath (3.5) bt Atamjeet Singh (2.5); Nikhilesh Kumar (3) drew with Vedant Goswami (3); S. Satyapragyan (3) bt Mithilesh Srivastava (2.5); Arif Ali (2) lost to Dinesh K. Sharma (3); Prathamesh Mokal (3) bt Mayank Pandey (2); Vikrant Chole (2) lost to T. S. Ravi (3); Arindam Mukherjee (3) bt Niladri S. Bhattarcharya (2); Raghuram Balaji (2) lost to Ravi Kumar (3); Harkamal Singh (2) lost to Amitpal Singh (3); D. S. Negi (2.5) drew with Sajal Basak (2.5); Junaid Ahmad (2.5) drew with Pranjal Das (2.5); W. A. Khan (2) lost to Soumya Ranjan Mishra (3); Joydev Saha (3) bt Suman Basu (2); Shankar Mazumdar (2.5) drew with Devendra Bajpai (2.5); Sankalp Modwal (2) lost to Adabala Tejdeep (3); Joydeep Dutta (3) bt Sahaj Grover (2); Swaraj Palit (2.5) drew with Neeraj Khera (2.5); Mahesh Bhatnagar (2) lost to Dilip Das (2).

Third round: Ramesh bt Arindam Mukherjee; S. K. Rathore drew with Babu; Bartakke bt Prathamesh Mokal; Preetham Sharma drew with Pradip Ghosh; Ravi Kumar lost to Deshmukh; D. Ravishankar drew with Koshy; Amitpal Singh lost to Laxman; Konguvel bt D. S. Negi; Kantilal Dave drew with Nisha; Balasubramanium bt Joydev Saha; Pranjal Das lost to Balaji; Devendra Bajpai lost to Gurpreet Pal Singh; Yogesh Gore bt Swaraj Palit; Adabala Tejdeep lost to Abhijit Gupta; Vivek Shukla bt K. Ramu; Mithilesh Srivastava drew with Girinath; Anurag Jaiswal lost to Neeraj Mishra; Poobesh Anand bt Rupankar Nath; Vedant Goswami bt S. K. Khasim; Ravi Ranjan lost to Rishi Pal Singh; Diwakar Prasad Singh bt Debaditya Sinha Biswas; Zameer Ahmad Khan lost to Nikhilesh Kumar; Soumya Ranjan Mishra drew with Atul Pati Tripathi; Atamjeet Singh bt Deepthansh Reddy; Neeraj Khera drew with Rajkamal Singh; Sharad Kumar Sharma drew with Shandilya; Satyapragyan bt B. Adithya; Dinesh Sharma bt A. Chaitanya; T. S. Ravi bt Abhishek Singh.

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