Bopanna loses twice

BANGALORE: Sajan Bopanna suffered two successive defeats. After a string of good runs, the talented Bopanna suffered his first reversal at the hands of D. Rajkumar and then put up a plucky show against B. Bhaskar before bowing out 3-5 in the super league of the State senior snooker championships at the McDowell hall of the KSBA here on Thursday evening.

Rajkumar won 55-43, 9-58, 28-58, 69-9, 78-19, 91-72, 67-33 and then Bhaskar registered a 117-23, 63-55, 26-72, 28-72, 46-70, 63-14, 69-13, 77-66 margin over Sajan Bopanna.

Other results: L. Nagaraj bt Ajay Bushan 21-75, 70-63, 30-72, 56-42, 68-33, 52-6, 74-73; Sunil Sharma bt S. Prakash 65-28, 72-32, 64-62, 57-63, 93-32, 85-18.


The State-level floodlit wrestling tournament will commence at the Malleswaram Ground in Bangalore on Friday. The three-day tournament will feature weight categories ranging from 48 to above 74 kgs. The State team that will compete in the Nationals at Delhi in January will be selected from this tournament.

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