BCCI's rider in MoU with PCB

LAHORE, FEB. 26. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has insisted on the right to call off the tour of Pakistan in case of crowd trouble even as its Pakistani counterpart has appealed that such a decision be not taken ``emotionally or in haste''.

Despite assurance from the highest authorities of the land that Indian players have "nothing to fear" on this tour, the BCCI has insisted on cast iron guarantees in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) it has signed with the PCB.

The BCCI has put a clause in the MoU that if any crowd trouble takes place at any venue "be it Karachi or Lahore, it has the right to abort the tour for security reasons.''

``Apparently, Indian players have the fear of the unknown while venturing on this tour and we can understand that. They have asked for certain security assurances from the BCCI which in turn put the clause in the MoU that we signed and sent back to them,'' the PCB chief executive, Rameez Raja, said.

Mr. Raja added that the PCB had insisted that the touring side should not be prone to emotional and hasty decisions while dealing with any incident or problems in the coming series.

The PCB had also put a clause in the MoU that any incident on the tour should be treated with a clear mind and the significance of the tour should be kept in mind.

Mr. Raja said he was confident that because of the security and administrative measures taken it (tour) would go off smoothly. But added no one could predict the future.