BCCI to seek legal opinion

KOLKATA JAN. 28. The Board of Control for Cricket in India confirmed the receipt of `the awards on the arbitration proceedings in the matter of (suspended cricketer) Ajay Jadeja.'

In a press note, the president Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya said on Tuesday that the legal aspects of the award were being examined by the Board's lawyers while he sought to place `the facts and reports' before the working committee for a final decision.

The note said, "the matter being extremely sensitive and in view of the fact that the decision was taken by a disciplinary committee consisting of the then president, Mr. A.C. Muthiah as well as then vice-presidents Kamal Morarka and K.M. Ram Prasad, the present office bearers would refrain from taking any decision unilaterally.''

The president said that as the award will be enforceable only after 90 days from the date of receipt, BCCI would in the interim period obtain a legal opinion from its lawyers. The Board will seek views of the members of the disciplinary committee that determined Jadeja's ban while also obtaining the views of the BCCI code-of-conduct commissioner K. Madhavan, who attended the arbitration proceedings.

Meanwhile, the president informed that the ICC Development (International) Limited (IDI) on Tuesday approved `Amby Valley' as the Indian sponsor for the 2003 World Cup. The note added that the `wrongful rejection' of Sahara as the Indian team sponsor in the ICC Champions Trophy and the 2003 World Cup `would be agitated by BCCI before arbitration at later date and appropriate damages would be claimed.'

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