`BCCI internal bickering doesn't have any parallels'

Christchurch: The ``mistrust and acrimony'' among the Democrats and the Republicans in the United States is nothing when compared to the internal politics of the BCCI, feels former India coach John Wright.

According to him, the richest board in the world is an ``extraordinary'' organisation capable of making ``bewildering'' decisions.

Wright says the political bitterness and acrimony elsewhere pales when it is compared to the rivalry in the cricket politics in India.

``Think of the mistrust and acrimony between the rival political parties Labour and National (Britain), Democrats and Republicans and multiply it. Then multiply it again.''

According to Wright, the financial monolith's very modest office in Mumbai is ``the greatest feat of camouflage since wolf put on sheep's clothing.

Wright also flayed the BCCI's rotation policy saying that the whole system has been politicised which was resulting in ``some of the most lunatic travel schedules.''

On the players of the political game, notably Jagmohan Dalmiya, he said reputation had preceded the master powerbroker from Kolkata, and he had heard all about the man long before he met him. UNI

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