Three on top of the leaderboard

Chennai players, Ram S. Krishnan of BSNL and Karthikeyan Murali joined Rahul Sangma of Delhi in the lead with 5.5 points at the end of the sixth round in the Adyar Times FIDE-rated open chess tournament here on Wednesday.

The top two boards witnessed disappointing short draws from International Masters within the first 15 minutes. “I had black and I accepted a draw,” said top seed 21-year old Sangma, who played out a seven-move draw against Navin Kanna. IM Sudhakar Babu of Indian Bank drew in 10 moves against Ravi Teja.

Ram sacrificed a knight for two pawns and managed to paralyse the black pieces before defeating Harihara Sudan in a rook and minor piece ending.

World under-10 runner-up Karthikeyan Murali put up a sterling display to defeat the experienced Ramakrishna of Hyderabad.

The results: Round six: Navin Kanna 5 drew with Rahul Sangma 5.5; Ravi Teja 5 drew with Sudhakar Babu 5; Ram S Krishnan 5.5 bt Harihara Sudan 4.5; J. Ramakrishna 4.5 lost to Karthikeyan Murali 5.5; Jitendria Vels 4.5 drew with G.A. Stany 4.5.

Stanley Samson 4 lost to C.R.G. Krishna 5; Aravindh Chithambaram 4 lost to Vinoth Kumar 5; P. Lokesh 4.5 drew with Mugil Jayavel 4.5; K.V. Shantharam 4.5 drew with V.R. Varman 4.5; Vijaya Sharathy 4.5 drew with T.R. Shanmuganathan 4.5.

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