Three Indians hog the limelight

Arvind Aaron

Chennai: Three Indians, Sai Nirupama, Osama Salim and B. Kumaran hogged the limelight by holding GMs to creditable draws in the opening round of the Chennai Open 2010 International Grand Master chess tournament at the Multipurpose Indoor Stadium here on Monday.

The three stars of the opening day are all of 14 years and less.

Indian youngsters have come of age and are prepared to handle GMs in a professional way, be it in the opening or tactical play in the middlegame or ending.

Sai Nirupama of Andhra played a class 23rd move sacrificing a pawn and managed to dissolve all the queen side pawns of the top seed Ghaem Magami.

In a knight ending Nirupama also enjoyed an extra pawn but she accepted a draw offer of Maghami on the 42nd move.

On the third table, Osama Salim of Chennai appeared to be losing a piece against Dmitry Kryakvin but stayed in the game by winning back the material by a miraculous defence.

In the rook ending, despite having a pawn less, Osama fought like an endgame expert to draw in 69 moves.

The third player to hold a GM was 12-year old B. Kumaran of Chennai. He did better than the other two against our own GM Dibyendu Barua.

Facing a stiff attack from the kid, Barua as white sacrificed material to enter a pawn down queen ending and was able to draw in 59 moves.

A total of 387 players are in the race. Ten rounds remain to be played.

The results (round one, Indians unless stated): K. Sai Nirupama drew with E. Ghaem Maghami (Iri), Maxim Turov (Rus) bt S.S. Dave, Osama Salim drew with Dmitry Kryakvin (Rus), Pavel Kotsur (Kaz) bt S.L. Narayanan, S. Sathyanarayanan lost to S. Arun Prasad, Ziaur Rahman (Ban) bt M. Siddarth, Sakkthivel Pandian lost to Martyn Kravtsiv (Ukr), A. Zubarev (Ukr) bt Aravindh Chithambaram, R. Visalatchi lost to Rinat Jumabayev (Kaz), S. Kidambi bt D. Salil Kumar, Sai Prahlad lost to S. Iuldachev (Uzb), M. Dzumaev (Uzb) bt M. Swaroop, L. Barath lost to R.R. Laxman, D. Barua drew with B. Kumaran.

S.V. Sathyapriya lost to Deepan Chakkravarthy, R.B. Ramesh bt Mugil Jayavel, Ivana Furtado lost to S. Satyapragyan, S. Vijayalakshmi bt P. Balamurugan.

K.G. Chaithanyaa lost to Richard Bitoon (Phi), Himanshu Sharma bt Michelle Catherina, V. Kameswaran lost to M.R. Lalith Babu, Andrey Gutov (Rus) bt N. Sivarajan, G. Lasya lost to Manik Mikulas (Svk), Oliver Dimakiling (Phi) bt George Daniel.

Gk Monnisha lost to M.S. Thejkumar, Ashwin Jayaram bt Puskaraj Kambli, Md Aminismail lost to M.R. Venkatesh, Swapnil Dhopade bt S. Prasannaa, M. Mahalakshmi lost to R. Siddharth, Praveen Kumar bt R.V. Sathiyanarayanan, G. Gnanasekar lost to P. Konguvel.

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