Sundeep, Anuja win titles

NEW DELHI: Sundeep Gulati pipped Dharminder Lilly 9-8 in a thriller to win the National nine-ball pool championship at the YMCA hall here on Wednesday.

In the women's category Anuja Chandra defeated Neena Praveen 6-5 to defend her title.

The results:

Men: Nine-ball pool: Final: Sundeep Gulati bt Dharminder Lilly 9-8.

Semifinals: Dharminder bt Alok Kumar 8-4, Sundeep bt Umesh Gupta 8-4. Quarterfinals: Dharminder bt Laxman Rawat 8-1, Alok bt Divya Sharma 8-1, Sundeep bt Manan Chandra 8-3, Umesh bt Lalit Dahiya 8-7.

Pre-quarterfinals: Dharminder bt Amit Verma 7-4, Laxman bt Puneet Kaushik 7-2, Divya bt Devendra Joshi 7-4, Alok bt Ajay Bhushan 7-4, Manan bt Amit Kapoor 7-1, Sundeep bt J. Varun Kumar 7-2, Umesh bt Amit Bhushan 7-4, Lalit bt Faisal Khan 7-6.

Women: Nine-ball pool: Final: Anuja Chandra bt Neena Praveen 6-5.

Semifinals: Anuja bt Chitra Magimairaj 5-1, Neena Praveen bt Aradhana Naik 5-1.

Quarterfinals: Anuja bt Meenal Thakur 4-0, Chitra bt R. Umadevi 4-1, Aradhana bt Heena Khandelwal 4-3, Neena bt Indira Gowda 4-2 .

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