Sharma upset over team selection

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Sharma not happy with Preeti and Nooshin’s exclusion from the World Cup squad

He said the team would also miss Jaya Sharma

NEW DELHI: The seasoned coach of the Indian Railway women’s cricket team, Vinod Sharma, expressed his anguish about some of his best players not making the Indian team, despite their meritorious performance, for the World Cup to be played in Australia next month.

The coach, who had taken the Railway men’s team to the Ranji Trophy title, Sharma was upset about Preeti Dimri and Nooshin Al Khadeer being dropped from the Indian women’s squad, despite their strong performance.

“Preeti is a leading bowler. She has taken 53 wickets so far and there are still a lot of matches left. It is a shame that her claim has been overlooked,” said Sharma.

Best fielder

The coach argued that Nooshin was perhaps the best fielder in the Indian team as she was the only one who was capable of throwing into the wicket-keeper’s gloves from the boundary. “She is a good bowler and bats well,” argued Sharma about Nooshin.

For one who had started his coaching career with the women’s team in 1985, Sharma said that he understood a fair bit of women’s cricket in the country and that he was baffled about off-spinner Seema Pujare being overlooked for Australia.

“If you want to win the World Cup, you need five of your best bowlers. It is unfair to bring raw players who will be playing their first international,” he said.

He was equally surprised about the omission of left-handed opener Jaya Sharma and said that the team would miss her badly.

“I am not saying that our players should be selected. I only want the best Indian team to go for the World Cup. Quality has not been the criteria in this selection. I can’t answer the girls when they ask me why they were not picked despite good performances,” said Sharma.

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