Sensational blog creates a buzz

Chennai: An anonymous blogger, claiming to belong to the Kolkata Knight Riders squad, has been causing a stir in the IPL. Calling himself ‘the Fake IPL player,’ the blogger spews venom and provides inside information on players, coaches and team owners.

The blogger, appearing to be a frustrated fringe player with little chance of getting a game, has been severe in his criticism of the Kolkata side.

“My team has a superstar captain...err sorry...ex-captain. We have a megalomaniac as our owner. Our coach comes with loads of attitude and baggage. Some of our international players are interesting characters. Unfortunately, our biggest international player has dropped out this time. Otherwise, the scenes would have been even more interesting,” his first post at > says.

Word quickly spread on the contents of the blog, which has reportedly led to a witch-hunt of sorts. But the Knight Riders website dismissed it as an attention-seeking gimmick.

“Poison pen writing of the dirtiest variety, but far too many factual errors. Whoever it is out there is obviously very sick, perverted and has far too little information or insight to successfully pretend to be a part of us,” the website said.

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