Pratap Jayaram zooms to victory

Pratap Jayaram (Mantra Racing) won the Indian Open class for cars at the MMSC FMSCI National Drag Racing Championship at the Taneja Aerospace facility near Bengaluru on Sunday.

Riding a fully modified Reva, Jayaram clocked 11.055 seconds for the 400 metres dash. If not for a problem with his engine, he could have clocked a faster time.

Provisional results (National Championship):

Cars: Unrestricted: 1. Joel Joseph, 11.992s; 2. Stephen Pachigalla, 13.166; 3. V. Jayant, 13.898.

Indian Open: 1. Pratap Jayaram, 11.055; 2. Joel Joseph, 12:042; 3. Jagadish Gowda, 12.653s.

MMSC Drag Races (Pro-Stock, winners only): Pavan Rangaraj (1450cc), Dheeraj Manae (1450cc), Siddharth Singh Jhala (2550cc), Vineet Abhiram (3050cc), Vivek Ramachander (2050cc Diesel).

Superbikes: Unrestricted: 1. Rizwan Khan, 9.746; 2. Md Riyaz 9.898; 3. Stephen Pachigalla, 10.110.

Above 1050cc: 1. Zubair Ali Jung, 10.647; 2. Mohammed Asif Ullah, 10.812; 3. Y.A. Naveen, 11.133.

Up to 1050cc: 1. Rameez Khan, 9.820; 2. Md Riyaz, 9.874; 3. Rizwan Khan, 9.942.

Up to 750cc: 1. Mohammed Asif Ullah, 11.530; 2. Aftab Khan, 11.714; 3. Zubair Ali Jung, 11.735.

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