Pietersen hopes to find strength from team’s performance

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Kirsten says his men played by the rules while winning the match

Kanpur: Bad light thankfully did not lead to any apparent bad blood as England captain Kevin Pietersen admitted that though it was tough to reconcile with the defeat, his squad will find hope and strength from its performance while the Indian team coach Gary Kirsten said that M.S. Dhoni’s men played by the rules while winning the match.

“There was a bit of a disorder and it took a bit long but we have to go by the umpires’ verdict. I thought we did reasonably well and though we ended up losing I think we can take a lot of positives from the way we played here. We came close here and we will try and win Sunday’s game at Bangalore,” Pietersen told the media here on Thursday evening while the sky outside was pitch-dark.

Re-evaluate rules

The England captain however did mention about the need to re-evaluate the rules with regard to truncated matches. “We knew bad light was a possibility but then you have these half-an-hour breaks between the toss and play and at lunch and the ICC rules insist on these breaks adhering to these time limits.

“Maybe something could be done about this when you know that bad light might come into play. Now we have a match at Guwahati later in the series and the light could be a factor there as well,” Pietersen said.

Meanwhile Kirsten said that the Indian team was well aware of the bad-light factor and were prepared for it. “We practised here yesterday and we watched the light dip and we knew that bad light and the Duckworth Lewis method might crop up.

“I think we won a game on the basis of the cricket we played and we won it by the rules. The umpires didn’t set it up for us,” Kirsten said.

Praise for team

Kirsten lauded the team-effort behind the current 3-0 lead. “Ours is a team that is focussed on the immediate task and right now we are looking at the Bangalore game and how we are going to prepare for it,” Kirsten said.

When a scribe asked him about how the team felt about Yuvraj Singh failing to score his third consecutive hundred in ODIs, the coach replied: “We never focus on individual milestones. The logic is that if the team does well then the individual milestones will follow naturally.”

Kirsten felt that England’s 240 was an achievable target. “I think they scored about 20 runs less. They should have scored 260 to be on par but our spinners did a good job as they have done all this series.

“When we started chasing, we lost a few early wickets but Sehwag helped us comeback at that stage and it was good to have Dhoni out there and I knew he could win the match for us. He was the perfect man for us in that situation,” Kirsten said.

Kirsten refused to make an issue out of Andrew Flintoff’s odd chat with the batsmen. “He was the pick of their bowlers and he was being aggressive to help his team win. He got those wickets and he was just superb,” Kirsten said.

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