No warning for proven chuckers, BCCI tells umpires

Mumbai: Having sent a whopping 32 players with suspect bowling action for rehabilitation, the BCCI has cracked the whip by asking the umpires to call these bowlers for chucking without issuing a warning if they transgress the law in domestic matches.

“During the pre-match meeting, the match-referee will only convey the warning and the outcome as per action replay if any bowler from the circulated list plays and bowls with suspect action,” said the guidelines issued by BCCI Chief Administrative Officer Ratnakar Shetty.

“Since the warning is already conveyed to the captain during the pre-match meetings by match referee, there is no need for an umpire to give any further warning to such bowlers on the field of play,” he said.

“If the bowler with suspect action plays and if in the opinion of the umpires he bowls with suspect action they can immediately call and stop him from bowling as per the law. He should not be allowed to bowl during the match. This action should be clearly communicated by match referees to team officials,” the BCCI guidelines said.

Four from Kerala

Among those who underwent rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore for bending their arm above 15 degrees, four bowlers belonged to Kerala Cricket Association and the rest were from Tripura (3), Maharashtra (2), Bengal (2), Assam (2), Baroda (2), Gujarat (2), Hyderabad (1), Vidarbha (1) and Jammu and Kashmir (1).

The guidelines identified these 20 bowlers as “proven chuckers as their actions could not be rectified during the rehabilitation.”

However, the BCCI has asked its officials to be vigilant even with those who bend their arms below 15 degrees “as rehabilitation at the NCA and bowling during match situations are two different issues.”

The guidelines also gave a list of 10 bowlers who were called for chucking during this season’s junior and senior Twenty20 tournaments.

The list: Mohnish Parmar, Amit Singh (both Guj), Sagar Sawant (under-19 player from Mah), Mohammad Norman (UP), Yogesh Nagar (Del), Rohan Thapa (Baroda), Sayed Zaki (Ori), Ankur Jund (Pun), Vobhor Bisen (Vidarbha), Debabhakt Jamta (Tri) and Arlen Konwar (Asm).

Bowlers with suspect action undergoing rehabilitation at the NCA:

Category (0 to 15 degrees): Achyut Reddy (Baroda), Utkarsh Patel (Baroda), Debanth J. (Tri), Kundan Singh (Jrk), M. Kumar Singh (Tri), M. Parmar (Guj), Sunil Raju (Kar), Swarupam Prygakastha (HP), Sarandeep Singh (HP), Syed Ali (Hyd), Amit Singh (Guj), Salin Viragi (Baroda).

Category (15-20 degrees): Kartik Kathri (Guj) Mohammmed Hasim (Vidarbha), Abijith Dey (Tri), Ganesh Kukade (Mah), Kedar Deodhar (Baroda).

Category (More than 20 degrees): Keyur Patel (Guj), Prasant Nathe (Mah), Sadam A. Das (Ker), Sadanand Anish (Ker), Amit Das (Kol), Sameer Khajuria (J&K), Rakesh K.J. (Ker), A. Konwar (Asm), B. Chetri (Asm), Rajesh Pawar (Baroda), Ritum Kundu (Kol), M.A. Shakeer (Hyd), A.K. Fahadh (Ker), Mani Shankar (Tri), Samir Debbarman (Tri). — PTI

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