Merwyn sets two records

NEW DELHI: Merwyn Chen of Jugla Singh Tairak Sangh (JSTS) set two meet records in the men’s section of the Delhi state aquatic championship at the Pacific Sports Complex here on Saturday.

The winners: Men: 400m freestyle: Merwyn Chen (JSTS) 4:20.65 (NMR, old, Rohit Gupta, 4:25.01 in 2004); 100m backstroke: Vicky Tokas (JSTS) 33.08; 100m breast stroke: Vicky Tokas (JSTS) 1:18.52; 200m individual medley: Merwyn Chen (JSTS) 2:19.78 (NMR, old Varun Seth, 2:22.11 in 2002); 4x100m medley relay: JSTS ‘A’ 4:54.16.

Boys I: 400m freestyle: Ashwani Tokas (JSTS) 4:40.79; 100m backstroke: Viplove Chaudhary (DPS) 31.47; 100m breast stroke: Sandeep Sharma (KSSA) 1:15.88; 200m individual medley: Mohit Kumar (JSTS) 2:29.01; 4x100m medley relay: JSTS ‘A’ 4:55.46.

Boys II: 100m freestyle: Rishabh (JSTS) 1:00.21; 1,500m freestyle: Divnesh Kochar (JSTS) 21:02.08; 100m backstroke: Jayant Mehlawat (JSTS) 35.59; 100m breast stroke: Ashish Tokas (JALKS) 1:24.71; 200m individual medley: Himanshu Rathi (JALKS) 2:40.97.

Women: 400m freestyle: Anwesha Hore (JSTS) 5:25.46; 100m backstroke: Shloka Joshi (Modern) 36:33; 100m breast stroke: Priyanka Priyadarshini (JSTS) 1:27.17; 200m individual medley: Priyanka Priyadarshini (JSTS) 2:49.62; 4x100m medley relay: JSTS ‘A’ 6:02.49.

Girls I: 400m freestyle: Devyani Aggarwal (Springdales) 5:16.67; 100m backstroke: Arshita Bhandari (Springdales) 38.09; 100m breast stroke: Devyani Aggarwal (Springdales) 1:31.49; 200m individual medley: Harpreet Kaur (DPS) 2:44.96; 4x100m medley relay: Delhi Public School, Mathura Road 6:04.08.

Girls II: 100m freestyle: Shivangi Tokas (Ryan) 1:16.56; 1,500m freestyle: Shivangi Tokas (Ryan) 22:30.34; 100m backstroke: Netali Tokas (JSTS) 39.96; 100m breast stroke: Tanushree Bhatt (JSTS) 1:37.59; 200m individual medley: Vasundhara Puri (JSTS) 3:05.18.

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