Masaliya wins

PUDUCHERRY: Abdeali Masaliya on Covington won the Novice Accumulator show jumping event of the National equestrian championship at Red Earth Riding School, Auroville, on Saturday.

Other results:

Novice Accumulator show jumping: 2. Nitin Gupta (Buttersponge); Friday’s results: Open Jumping Normal: 1. Yashaan (R.M. Farms), 2. Yashaan (R.M. Farms), 3. Nitin Gupta (ECE); South India Championships: Open Jumping (Normal): 1. Yashaan Khambatta (Oscar) 0 penalties; 2. Yashaan Khambatta (Napolean) 4 penalties; 3. Nitin Gupta (Dubhcaisil) 11 penalties.

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