Horse : Spitz takes honours in La Ditta Crystal Trophy

Mumbai: Spitz, ridden by S. Fargeat, won the La Ditta Crystal Trophy, the feature event of Sunday’s races here. The winner is owned by Mr. Shashi Chand Jain, M/s J.M. Patel, Vivek S. Jain & Zadmal Singh. Zadmal Singh trains the winner.

1. GATEWAY OF INDIA PLATE, Div. II (1,200m), rated 0 to 26: Constantia (S. Kamble) 1, Johnny Bravo (Dashrath) 2, Try Your Luck (Pradeep) 3 and Viceroy (V. Jodha) 4. 1/2, 6-1/2, 2. 1m 13.74s. Rs.343 (w), 85, 25 and 17 (p). SHP: Rs.111, FP: C/F, Q: Rs.664, Tanala: Rs.6,499 and Rs.5,571. Favourite: Uber Alles. Owners: Mrs. D.J. Surti, Mr. Darius D. Surti, Mr. Jehangir D. Surti & Mrs. M.B. Dubash. Trainer: D.J. Surti.

2. GATEWAY OF INDIA PLATE, Div. I (1,200m), Cl. V, rated 0 to 26: Firey Future (D.S. Rathore) 1, Free Spirit (K. Kadam) 2, Wells Fargo (Kotwal) 3 and Gengis Khan (S. Fargeat) 4. 1/2, 1, 1-3/4. 1m 13.85s. Rs.266 (w), 50, 33 and 74 (p). SHP: Rs.148, FP: Rs.2,031, Q: Rs.1,420, Tanala: Rs.38, 203 and Rs.16,372. Favourite: Gengis Khan. Owners: Mr. Hirak Satyendra Das, Kr. Digvijay Singh Shekhawat & Mrs. Magansingh P. Jodha.

3. A CAMPBELL TROPHY (1,000m), Cl. II, rated 60 to 86: Star Always (F. Norton) 1, Premier Perception (N. Jodha) 2, Born To Lead (Aadesh) 3 and The Rising (I. Pardeshi) 4. 1-1/4, 1, 1. 59.32s. Rs.42 (w), 20, 16 and 33 (p). SHP: Rs.46, FP: Rs.146, Q: Rs.78, Tanala: Rs.1,194 and Rs.497. Favourite: Amberogio. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Shapoor P. Mistry, Mr. Cyrus P. Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders Farm P. Ltd & Mr. Tariq D. Vaidya. Trainer: Altaf Hussain.

4. NIGHT CROWN PLATE, Div. II (1,000m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Young Offender (Merchant) 1, Blue Jay (Parmar) 2, Pomme De Terre (S.A. De Sousa) 3 and Star Luxurious (Vinod Shinde) 4. Nk, 1, 1/2. 1m 0.13s. Rs.335 (w), 37, 15, 11 and 14 (p). SHP: Rs.48, FP: Rs.1,302, Q: Rs.626, Tanala: Rs.7,244 and Rs.1,411. Favourite: Pomme De Terre. Owners: Mr. Haresh N. Mehta, rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: C.D. Katrak.

5. HIGH PARTY PLATE, Div. II (1,400m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Roaming Fame (Merchant) 1, Thanda (Kharadi) 2, Barbara (S.A. De Sousa) 3 and Ashwa Prabha (T. Mahesh) 4. Not run: Highland Quest. 1/2, 1/2, 3/4, 1m 26.43s. Rs.118 (w), 28, 16, 12 and 15 (p). SHP: Rs.67, FP: Rs.263, Q: Rs.151, Tanala: Rs.855 and Rs.366. Favourite: Barbara. Owners: Mr. Haresh N. Mehta rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: C.D. Katrak.

6. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY DEPARTMENT TROPHY (1,000m), Maiden, 3-y-o only: Versaki (C. Rajendra) 1, Forest Flair (Srinath) 2, Aristrocratic (Merchant) 3 and Harmonica (Aadesh) 4. Not run: Sea Of Kisses and Carmen. 1/2, 5-1/2, Nk. 59. 37s. Rs.25 (w), 12, 14, 34 and 31 (p). SHP: Rs.50, FP: Rs.52, Q: Rs.32, Tanala: Rs.439 and Rs.331. Favourite: Versaki. Owners: Mr. Haresh N. Mehta, rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: C.D. Katrak.

7. MATHRADAS GOCULDAS TROPHY (1,200m), Cl. I, rated 80 and upward: Juventus (Daniel Grant) 1, Aquilo (Parmar) 2, Dancing Diva (S.A. De Sousa) 3 and Avec Plaisir (Merchant) 4. Not run: Running Bull. 4-1/4, 2-1/4, 3-1/4. 1m 10.76s. Rs.13 (w), 10, 73, 52 and 41. SHP: Rs.217, FP: Rs.391, Q: Rs.400, Tanala: Rs.2,113 and Rs.2,037. Favourite: Juventus. Owners: Mrs. J.K. Rattonsey, Ms. Shaheen Rattonsey, Mrs. Sabiha Rayani & Mrs. M.A. Rattonsey. Trainer: S.S. Shah.

8. LA DITTA CRYSTAL TROPHY (1,200m), Cl. III, rated 40 to 66: Spitz (S. Fargeat) 1, Meditas Pride (Dashrath) 2, Highland Bounty (Daniel Grant) 3 and Sea Gull (Tograllu) 4. Not run: Romantic Impact. 4-1/4, 1-1/4, Hd. 1m 11.63s. Rs.42 (w), 13, 149, 23 and 51 (p). SHP: Rs.856, FP: Rs.924, Q: Rs.881, Tanala: Rs.11,330 and Rs.8,093. Favourite: Secret Glory.

Owners: Dr. Shashi Chand Jain, M/s. J.M. Patel, Vivek S. Jain & Zadmal Singh. Trainer: Zadmal Singh.

9. NIGHT CROWN PLATE, Div. I (1,000m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Insite Soul (C. Rajendra) 1, Hymns To Freedom (Belose) 2, Classic Star (Pradeep) 3 and Paris Hilton (N. Jodha) 4. Nk, Nk, 1-3/4. 1m 0.72s. Rs.20 (w), 11, 17, 16 and 36 (p). SHP: Rs.60, FP: Rs.93, Q: Rs.48, Tanala: Rs.415 and Rs.143. Favourite: Insite Soul. Owners: Mr. Haresh N. Mehta, rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: C.D. Katrak.

10. HIGH PARTY PLATE, Div. I (1,400m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Chios (Kharadi) 1, Western Challenge (Daniel Grant) 2, La Joie De Vie (S.A. De Sousa) 3 and Riyasat (F. Norton) 4. 2-1/4, 3/4, 1-1/4. 1m 25.08s. Rs.56 (w), 13, 13, 22 and 11 (p). SHP: Rs.43, FP: Rs.229, Q: Rs.109, Tanala: Rs.1,560 and Rs.777. Favourite: Riyasat.

Owners: Mr. & Mrs. K.N. Dhunjibhoy & Mr. & Mrs. Z.K. Dhunjibhoy rep. Five Stars Shipping Co Pvt Ltd. Trainer: Vinayak.

Jackpot: (i) 70 per cent: Rs.14,655 (12 tkts). 30 per cent: Rs.3,277 (23 tkts). (ii) 70 per cent: Rs.1,714 (233 tkts), 30 per cent: Rs.79 (2,177 tkts).

Treble: (i) Rs.14, 004 (3 tkts), (ii) Rs.4,405 (8 tkts), (iii) Rs.554 (152 tkts).

Super Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs.5,397 (67 tkts), 30 per cent: Rs.293 (529 tkts).

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