Horse : Romantic Knight claims feature

KOLKATA: Mr. D. Khaitan representing Soom Stud Farm Pvt. Ltd's Romantic Knight (S. Shanker up) claimed the Calcutta Million, the feature event of the races held here on Saturday (Feb.17). The winner is trained by Vijay Singh.

The results:

1. PLAY BOY HANDICAP (1,100m): Romantic Escape (M. Reuben) 1, Polar Magic (I. Chisty) 2 and All For Love (S. Domingo) 3. All ran. 1-1/2 & dist. 1m 09.56.

Owners: Messrs. Bimal Khemka & Tapas K. Basu. Trainer: Javed Khan.

2. AADA-ROSSA CUP (1,200m): Cupid's Glory (I. Chisty) 1, Wild Mystery (M. Narredu) 2, Golden Image (E. Smith) 3 and Charleston (M. Reuben) 4. All ran. 1-1/4, dist & 5. 1m 15.75s.

Owner : Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. Trainer : E. Bhungard.

3. EASTERN COMMAND CUP (1,400m): Arabie (I. Chisty) 1, Acrostic (Afzal Khan) 2, El Cid (V. Jaiswal) 3 and Magic Mantra (M. Reuben) 4. Not run: Chitralekha and Firing Power. 2-1/4, 2-1/4 & dist. 1m 29.6.

Owner : Mr. M.A.M.R. Muthiah. Trainer : E. Bhungard.

4. LT. GEN. JAMEEL MAHMOOD MEMORIAL TROPHY (1,400m): Dancing Storm (I. Chisty) 1, Arrayal (S. Domingo) 2, Shining Example (V. Jaiswal) 3 and Spectacular Star (Afzal Khan) 4. All ran. Nk, 1-1/2 & 3/4. 1m 31.08s.

Owner : Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: D. David.

5. H H MAHARAJA JAGADDIPENDRA NARAYAN BHUP BAHADUR OF COOCH BEHAR MEMORIAL CUP (1,400m): Samarrah (I. Chisty) 1, Way To The Stars (Afzal Khan) 2, Flemenco Star (C. Rajendra) 3 and Bollywood Dreams (Md. Islam) 4. All ran. Ns, 1-1/4 & 2. 1m 29.74s.

Owner : Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. Trainer : D. David.

6. GOVERNOR'S CUP (1,600m): Aperitivo (C. Rajendra) 1, Capture The Moment (M.Maseyk) 2, Proteus (Md. Islam) 3 and Ministrel Heights (S. Paswan) 4. All ran. 1-1/2, 8-1/2 & dist. 1m 41.48s.

Owner : Mr. D. Khaitan representing Soom Stud Farm Pvt. Ltd. Trainer : Vijay Singh.

7. CALCUTTA MILLION (1,600m): Romantic Knight (S. Shanker) 1, Regal Connection (M. Narredu) 2, Afforce

(M. Reuben) 3 and Secret Trooper ( C. Rajendra) 4. All ran. 2, 6-3/4 & 5-1/2. 1m 40.50s.

Owner : Mr. D. Khaitan representing Soom Stud Farm Pvt. Ltd. Trainer : Vijay Singh.

8. GOLDEN CAN HANDICAP (1,100m): Schumacher (Rajinder) 1, Satluj (Afzal Khan) 2, Cambridge Blue (S. Domingo) 3 and Thoughtful (Md. Islam) 4. All ran. 2, 1-1/4 & lnk. 1m 09.79s.

Owner : Mrs. Asha Jaiswal. Trainer: Vikash Jaiswal.