Horse : Asclepieion pleases

Mumbai: Asclepieion and Obelinna pleased when the horses were exercised here on Thursday morning (April 5).

Outer sand:

600m: Star Always (C. Rajendra), Rising Warrior (Riyaz) 39.5. Former in good shape. Bay Magic (Belose), Quaoar (Dashrath) 39. They finished level. Super Sonic (A. R. Mani) 39. Moved freely. Aaj Tak (A. R. Mani) 38. Pushed.

800m: Red Indian (Kharadi), Lunar Queen (Rupesh) 51, 600/39.5. Former finished six lengths ahead. Private Eye (M. Narredu), Smarty Pant (C. S. Jodha) 52.5, 600/39. They moved level freely. Xiamen (Aadesh), Nanjing (Kapoor) 54, 600/40. They ended level. Fashion Street (Neeraj), Temptation (Shelar) 55, 600/42.5. They were pushed and ended level. Dance Maestro (Rupesh) 52, 600/40. Slightly urged. Supreme Attraction (Neeraj), Arch Rival (C .S. Jodha) 55, 600/42. Former better. Adam's Star (Aadesh) 50, 600/38. Moved attractively. Modesty (Kharadi), Star Sparkle (Daniel) 53, 600/40.5. Former finished five lengths ahead. Rejuvenite (F. Irani) 54, 600/39.5. Easy. Shyboy (Rupesh) 51, 600/39.5. Moved well. Raudo (C. Rajendra) 51.5, 600/39. Moved well. Star Strike (C. S. Jodha), Hoofbeats (S. N. Chavan) 51.5, 600/40. Former finished four lengths ahead. Peoria (Shailesh), Lovely Feelings (Rupesh) 51, 600/38.5. Former moved well while the latter was pushed to end level. Dedication (S. N. Chavan) 55, 600/41. Easy. Asclepieion (Neeraj) 50, 600/37.5. Moved attractively. Note. Major Roberts (Kotwal), Quo Iboe (Merchant) 56.5, 600/43. Pair easy. Don't Be Silly (Zameer) 52, 600/40. Moved freely. Giacosa (M. Narredu) (1,400-600) 52. Shaped well. Hard Rock (Zameer) 54, 600/40.5. Pushed. Asiatique (Ruzaan) 52.5, 600/39. Moved well. The Right Man (Bhadke), Varun (A. R. Mani) 51.5, 600/39. Both were pushed and former ended two lengths in front. Acton Town (Rathod), Win For Me (Agarwal) 52, 600/39.5. Former better. Solksjaer (Neeraj) 55, 600/41. Urged. Golden Orra (rb) 54, 600/41.5. Pressed. Rainbow Shine (C. S. Jodha) 57, 600/43.5. Easy. Consuela (Ruzaan), Chagall (M. Narredu) 53, 600/40. They moved level freely. Vision Remains (V. Walkar), Trusted Friend (rb) 53, 600/40. Former was five lengths superior.

1,000m: Firefoot (C. Rajendra) 1-10, 600/41. Good. Pride (Kharadi) 1-5, 600/39.5. Moved well. Wild Temper (S. N. Chavan), Salandra (Rathod) 1-6.5, 600/41. Former outclassed the latter by six lengths. Premier Panache (C. Rajendra), Thundering Hero (Hamir) 1-7.5, 600/39.5. Former was one length better. Democraticus (M. Narredu) 1-5, 600/38.5. Good. Obelinna (M. Narredu), Divine Protocol (Ruzaan) 1-6, 600/39.5. Former strode out well and ended four lengths in front.

1,200m: Kempinski (Rathod) 1-23, 600/44. Tired in the last part.

Inner sand:

600m: Persephone (Merchant) 38. Moved freely.

800m: Canny Lad (Merchant) 53, 600/40. Unextended. Beyond Belief (C. Rajendra) 53.5, 600/38.5. Easy. Fall Of The Hammer (D. K. Ashish) 52.5, 600/39. Worked well. Forces Of Destiny (Shelar) 55, 600/41. Good.

Gate practice (Outer sand):

1,000m: Maverick (Pradeep), The Spider Man (rb) 1-9.5, 600/44. Former finished four lengths ahead. Zizou (Mark), Premier Perception (Kharadi) 1-10.5, 600/43.5. Former was fractious at the starting gate for long time. They finished level. Chardin (Rupesh), Sudarshan Chakram (Ruzaan) 1-11, 600/43. Both easy. Apassionata (Neeraj), Double Ease (Pradeep) 1-8.5, 600/41. Former better. Little Princess (I. Shaikh), Cape Merino (rb) 1-9, 600/42. Former ended five lengths in front. Oyster Princess (Merchant), Nectar Jewel (Shelar) 1-6, 600/40. Former easily finished five lengths ahead.