Five players share lead

Principal Correspondent

DINDIGUL: Fourteen-year-old S.P. Sethuraman is among the five leaders at the end of the fourth round of the 45th National `B' chess championship here on Wednesday.

Sharing the lead with him are former National `A' champion, P. Konguvel, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, Prathamesh Mokal and J. Ramakrishna with four points each. Nothing major happened on the first board before Nisha Mohota, who played white, and Ratnakaran decided to share the point after 27 moves of King's Indian Defence.

On the second board, Konguvel, who faced the Sicilian Defence from Abhishek Das, won a piece on his way to a 37-move victory. On the third board, Ramakrishna, with black, defeated his younger rival B. Adhiban in 60 moves of Sicilian Defence.

Mokal, playing on the black side of an English Opening against R.R. Laxman, attacked with purpose to romp home in 33 moves.

Mishra defeated Aarthie Ramaswamy in 45 moves of Catalan Opening, while Sethuraman defeated Sohan Phadke in 51 moves of Sicilian Defence.

Important results: Fourth round: Nisha Mohota 3.5 drew with K. Ratnakaran 3.5; P. Konguvel 4 bt Abhishek Das 3; B. Adhiban 3 lost to J. Ramakrishna 4; R.R. Laxman 3 lost to Prathamesh Mokal 4; Neeraj Kumar Mishra 4 bt Aarthie Ramaswamy 3; Vikramaditya Kamble 3.5 drew with R. Balasubramanium 3.5; S.P. Sethuraman 4 bt Sohan Phadke 3; Anup Deshmukh 3.5 drew with Sriram Jha 3; M.R. Venkatesh 3 drew with Preetham R. Sharma 3; Sundararajan Kidambi 3.5 bt Varughese Koshy 2.5; Ashwin Jayaram 3.5 bt Imocha Laisram 2.5; Soman Satchidanand 3 drew with Himanshu Sharma 3; Vinod R. Sharma 3 drew with V. Saravanan 3; Somak Palit 3.5 bt O.T. Anil Kumar 2.5; Swapnil S. Dhopade 2.5 lost to Vidit Santosh Gujrathi 3.5; Prasenjit Datta 3.5 bt B.S. Sivanandan 2.5; M.S. Thejkumar 3.5 bt P. Praveen Prasad 2.5; N. Surendran 2.5 lost to Rahul Shetty 3.5; Sai Srinivas 2.5 lost to Padmini Rout 3.5; Ram Prakash 3.5 bt Kiran Monisha Mohanty 2.5; Vipul Subhashi 2.5 lost to Arjun Tiwari 3.5; Ravi Hegde 2.5 lost to Prasanna Rao 3.5.

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