EB, Mohd. Sporting swell their ranks

KOLKATA: East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting have signed on more players in the ongoing local transfer season.

East Bengal retained the services of Mehtab Hossain, Saumik Dey, Goutam Kujur and under-19 player Saikat Sinha Roy. Sayantan Das Roy joined East Bengal from George Telegraph.

Mohammedan Sporting, which had signed in a clutch of players last week, registered some key players who had done well for the side last season. Goutam Thakur, Mir Faroq Hyder, Naseem Akhtar, Satyajit Bose and Bijoy Das signed on for another season while Sasthi Duley joined Mohammedan Sporting from Chirag United.

Sporting also signed on former East Bengal and Mohun Bagan campaigner Dipendu Biswas for the coming season.

Ashim Das left Mohammedan Sporting and joined Peerless Club in another notable signing in the premier division clubs of the Calcutta Football League. — Principal Correspondent