Australian public backs cricket team

Melbourne: Contradicting columnist Peter Roebuck’s views, Australian public feels the national team was “mature”, “polite”, “hard but fair” and demonstrating “sportsmanship”.

Roebuck had said the Australians played cricket like a “pack of wild dogs” and their reputation was in “tatters” after the controversial Sydney Test against India but according to a Cricket Australia survey, the public feels the players were good role models for children.

“The CA’s research found that 83 percent of people surveyed in the past two months found the players to be positive role models for young Australians,” according to The Australian.

“The respondents said they respected the need for the team to play “competitive and aggressive” cricket to be successful and they were more “mature”, “polite” and demonstrated better “sportsmanship” than the main football codes. The Australian players’ own code of conduct refers to a need to be “hard but fair.” — PTI

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