Anand-Milind pair wins

Ahmedabad: In thrilling final few rounds of the Ahmedabad Cavendish Pairs tournament, Anand Samant and Milind Athavale of Mumbai just managed to prevail over Vinay Mohan Lal and Raju Bhiwandkar, also of Mumbai.

At the end of the 28th round in the 31-round event, Samant and Athavale were in front on 117 IMPs with Lal and Bhiwandkar just one point behind.

In the 29th round, both pairs scored minus points and Lal and Bhiwandkar went into the lead at 115 against Samant and Athavale’s 113.

Chennai’s R. Sreekrishnan and R. Krishnan finished third with 81 IMPs. India’s best known international pair of the eighties and nineties, Jaggy Shivdasani and Rajesh Dalal came in fourth. — R. Jayaram

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