Ajay pips Arjun

BANGALORE: Ajay Bhushan quelled a determined challenge from A.R. Arjun to lift the 9-ball pool State-ranking championship title. In a keenly contested final at the KSBA hall here, Ajay Bhushan prevailed 8-7.

R. Umadevi bagged the women’s crown with an all-win record in the four-player field. Uma defeated Chitra Magimairaj 3-1 for the title.

The results: Final: Ajay Bhushan bt A.R. Arjun 8-7; Semifinals: Ajay bt L. Nagaraj 7-4; Arjun bt Balaji Reddy 7-5. Third place: Balaji bt L. Nagaraj 5-2.

5 to 8 placings: Amit Bhushan bt Jasim Tawin 4-0; D. Raj Kumar bt K. S. Naveen Kumar 4-1; Jasim Tawin bt K. S. Naveen Kumar 4-1; D. Raj Kumar bt Amit Bhushan 4-3.

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