Yahya Khan faces criticism (From an editorial)

The Pakistan President, Gen. Yahya Khan’s plans for framing a new constitution have been severely criticised in East Pakistan and last Sunday, a political demonstration was organised to protest against the terms of his Legal Framework Order. The Working Committee of the East Pakistan Awami League, the biggest political party in the east and led by Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, has raised objections to Sections 25 and 27 of the Presidential Order. The first says that, if the President refuses to authenticate the Constitution Bill, the National Assembly will stand dissolved and fresh elections will be held. Section 27 provides that any doubt as to the interpretation of the Order must be resolved by the President, not by the Assembly. The Awami League argues that these provisions render illusory the sovereign character of the constituent assembly and that the two offending sections should be removed. Another leading party of East Pakistan, the National Awami Party, takes objection to the doctrine that Islamic ideology should permeate the constitution. It says that the effect of this provision will be to perpetuate communal division within the people and deprive the religious minorities of their fundamental rights. The N.A.P. also holds that the Order will not permit the concession of full regional autonomy for East Pakistan or for the provinces of West Pakistan.

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