The Supreme Court’s verdict (From an editorial)

The unanimous verdict of a Special Bench of five judges of the Supreme Court, dismissing all the petitions challenging the election of Mr. V. V. Giri as President of India, ends months of nation-wide suspense. The judgment will be widely welcomed, not only for clearing the holder of the highest office in the country of charges of electoral irregularities and corrupt practices, but also for the resounding re-assertion that it implies of the supremacy of the rule of law. Both the petitioners’ challenge and the Court’s order, as well as the entire hearing during which many of the top leaders, including President Giri himself, took the witness stand, should have served to reassure the people that no one is immune from the due processes of the law and the humblest in the land may seek justice from the courts. As such, it has been a historic case in many respects and has established some legal precedents too, as, for instance, the admission of tape-recorded evidence in courts, not to speak of the Supreme Court deciding to hear oral witnesses.

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