The next Rashtrapati

The article "Selecting the next Rashtrapati" (Dec. 6) is well written. But it has not conclusively said why President Abdul Kalam does not fit the bill for a second term in office. I feel many Indians cutting across the political spectrum will welcome another term for Mr. Kalam. He is a man of integrity and has endeared himself to all, particularly the student community, with his simplicity. The current arrangement of a scientist as President and an economist as Prime Minister should continue.

V. Shrinivasan,

The fact that the BJP is reportedly backing Mr. Kalam for a second term in office does not mean he is partisan. A few actions of his, which were seen as an embarrassment to the ruling party, should not lead to the conclusion that he is anti-UPA or pro-NDA.

Pavan Nukala,

President Kalam has evolved an excellent framework for future Presidents. Gone are the days when we had single party governments at the Centre. It is to our good if the Rashtrapati asks an uncomfortable question or two. I appeal to all political parties to exercise their professionalism while finalising a candidate.

Krishnamurty Pammi,

The article is based on speculation and surmise. Let us not start controversies based on conjectures and assumptions.

K.V. Rajasekhar,

There is no doubt that the President's election has been politicised over the years. But Mr. Kalam should be seen as an exception. He has acted in the best interests of the country, whenever he has rapped the government. But the person he is, he would prefer to work among children rather than be caught in politics.

Amrut Sharma Addepalli,