Shocking apathy

The two eyewitness accounts of the working conditions aboard the French ship, Clemenceau, (Jan. 20) should be an eye-opener to those who, for money, will venture into any hazardous project.

If the plight of a worker from a developed country is such, the plight of workers in developing countries such as ours is unimaginable. Will the Government wake up at least now?

Dantu Surya Rao,
Kakinada, A.P.

I am shocked at the prevailing apathy towards the safety of the workers at Alang and the environment.

In fact, I am amazed the Government has not yet denied permission to this danger in disguise from France.

Priya Narayanan,
Thrissur, Kerala

The ship should not be allowed to reach Indian water at any cost. It must be taken back to France and decontaminated there.

M. Vikram Reddy,

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