Protection of Tamilians in Mysore

The Mysore Chief Minister, Mr Veerendra Patil, has told the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister that “any recrudescence of trouble” in his State would be “firmly dealt with.” This is in reply to Mr. Karunanidhi’s message on Monday [February 2] deploring the harassment of the Tamilians in Mysore State and requesting Mr. Patil to protect their interests. In a telegram, Mr. Patil has also assured Mr. Karunanidhi that “protection has been and is being given to all residents in Mysore State, irrespective of the language group they belong to.” He said he shared Mr. Karunanidhi’s view that the Tamilians in Mysore State and the Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu should live in harmony as they had been doing all along. He had made the position “abundantly clear” when the matter was raised in the State Assembly yesterday, and most of the members of the House fully agreed with his views. Mr. Patil also conveyed his gratitude to Mr. Karunanidhi for the prompt action taken by his Government for the release of Mr Vatal Nagaraj, M.L.A.

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